National Geographic Magazine - March 1918

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume XXXIII, Number Three, March 1918.

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume XXXIII, Number Three, March 1918. GGA Image ID # 1a00ef1318

National Geographic from March 1918 offers articles pertaining to World War 1 both in the United States and abroad. Great photographs and timely writing makes this an exceptional issue.


  • The Health and Morale of America's Citizen Army by William Howard Taft with 22 Illustrations
    Personal Observations of Conditions in OUr Soldier Cities by a Former Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy
  • Voyaging on the Volga Amid War and Revolution by William T. Ellis with 16 Illustrations
    War-time Sketches on Russia's Great Waterway
  • The Isle of Frankincense by Charles K. Moser with 11 Illustrations
    Forerly United States Consul-General to Aden, Arabia
  • A Unique Republic, where Smuggling is an Industry by Herbert Corey with 17 Illustrations
    Andorra Republic by the author of "On the Monastir Road," "Shopping Abroad for Our Army in France," Etc.
  • Plain Tales from the Trenches by Carol K. Corey with 7 Illustrations
    As Told Over the Tea Table in Blighty - A Soldiers' "Home" in Paris by the author of "From the Trenches in Versailles," etc.

Published by the National Geographic Society, Hubbard Memorial Hall, Washington, DC

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