National Geographic Magazine - April 1939

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume LXXV, Number Four, April 1939.

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume LXXV, Number Four, April 1939. GGA Image ID # 1a01f9a7a5

The April 1939 issue of the National Geographic features Long Island, New York, and Country Life in Norway, including the Fjords and Folkways with their trademark of superb photography and illustrations.


  • Special Map Supplement of the Reaches of New York City
  • Spin Your Globe to Long Island by Frederick Simpich with 25 Illustrations
    Only Six States Have More People than the Insular Empire that Ranges from a Wolrd's Fair Through Potato Patches, Princely Estates, and Historic Shrines. With Illustrations from Photographs by Willard R. Culver
  • Bright Patterns of Long Island Life by Willard R. Culver with 18 Natural Color Photographs
  • Henry Hudson, Magnificent Failure by Frederick G. Vosburgh with 21 Illustrations
    Just 330 Years Ago He and His Mutinous Crew Found Manhattan Covered with "Goodly Oakes" and Fought Indians in New York Harbor.
  • Country Life in Norway by Axel H. Oxholm with 17 Illustrations and Map
    The Beneficent Gulf Stream Enables One-Third of the People in a Far-north, Mountainous Land to Prosper on Farms.
  • Norwegian Fjords and Folkways by Jack Kurne with 20 Natural Color Photographs
  • The Geography of a Hurricane by F. Barrows Colton with 20 Illustrations and Map
    A Doughnut-shaped Storm Turned Back Time in New England to Candlelight Days, but Revealed Anew Yankee Courage and Ingenuity.

Thirty-Two Pages of Illustrations in Full Color

List of Advertisers (Partial)

  • Bell & Howell - Filmo 8 Color Movies
  • See Washington State - Heart of the Evergreen Empire (Full Color)
  • Canadian National - Jasper (Full Color)
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
  • Eastman Kodak - Kodachrome Film (Full Color)
  • Drive Oregon Highways (Full Color)
  • RCA Victrola - The World's Greatest Instrumentalists are on Victor Records
  • Rock of Ages Memorials
  • The Hammond Organ Company
  • German Railroads Information Office - Germany For Perfect Pleasure And Sparkling Sport
  • Hamburg America Line - North German Lloyd - Hapag Lloyd Trans-Atlantic Commuters
  • Eastman Kodak - Popular Priced 35 mm. Miniatures - Kodak 35
  • U. S. Lines - Atlantic Passage
  • Bell System - Big in Value... Little in Cost

1939-04 The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. LXXV, No. 4, Paginated 413-552.

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