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National Geographic Magazine - August 1918

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume XXXIV, Number Two, August 1918.

Front Cover, The National Geographic Magazine, Volume XXXIV, Number Two, August 1918. GGA Image ID # 1a01f1d404

The August 1918 issue of National Geographic covered life in a U. S. Army Cantonment in teaching English to non-English speaking soldiers of the A.E.F. with other World War 1 related articles.


Bringing the World to Our Foreign-Language Soldiers

How a Military Training Camp is Solving a Seemingly Unsurmountable Problem by Using the Geographic

By Christina Krysto

With 4 Illustrations - Pages 81 - 90

Recent Observations in Albania

By Brig. General George P. Scriven, U. S. Army

With 22 Illustrations - Pages 90 - 114

The Ukraine, Past and Present

By Nevin O. Winter

With 14 Illustrations - Pages 114 - 128

The Acorn, A Possibly Neglected Source of Food

By C. Hart Merriam, Formerly Chief of the U. S. Biological Society

With 8 Illustrations - Page 129 - 137

Our Littlest Ally (San Marino)

By Alice Rohe

With 16 Illustrations - Page 138 - 163

The British Take Baku

With 1 Illustration - Page 163 - 164

Advertisements (Partial Listing)

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