Scientific American - 11 August 1894

Front Cover of the Scientific American for 11 August 1894

Front Cover of the Scientific American for 11 August 1894. GGA Image ID # 1015c823d5

The 11 August 1894 issue of the Scientific American featured articles included Wellman's Artic Expedition, Building of a Battleship, Testin Bullet-Proof Clothing, Phonograph in Classroom, New American Ocean Steamers, and many more.


(Illustrated articles are marked with an asterisk.)

  • Alloy, improved 82
  • American Association 82
  • Arctic expedition, Wellman's 91
  • Battleship, building of a 86
  • Battleship Le Carnot 91
  • Brooms, manufacture of* 85
  • Bullet-proof clothing, test 84
  • Cable, a new Atlantic 85
  • Canal boat traction 87
  • Canals, inter-coastal 86
  • Cannon ball, force of a 91
  • Cars, electric mail 82
  • Check rein support. 84
  • Cities, growth of 83
  • Construction, slow burning 83
  • Coupler tests, automatic. 88
  • Earthquake in Constantinople 82
  • Electric welding of rail joints• 91
  • Engineering profession character in 87
  • Exhibition, Paris, 1900 85
  • Explosion of silvering mixture 84
  • Fire In Chicago, a large 86
  • Fireproof building, increase of 91
  • Gas explosion, curiously caused 92
  • Ingersoll, Simon 88
  • Inventions recently patented 93
  • Mining, drift in California 89
  • Moon, the 90
  • Padrone robbers 83
  • Patents granted, weekly record 93
  • Peach ratafla (6176) 93
  • Phonograph in class room 84 Photographs, paste for mounting (6179) 93
  • Pigeons, tumbler, training Plague, the, in China 89
  • Punches 84
  • Railroads, great 91
  • Railway mileage of the world 90
  • Railways, inclined plane, Cincinnati 91
  • Rifle balls of future 84
  • Silk, artificial 84
  • Soda lakes, Wyoming's 90
  • Starling, three specimens of* 89
  • Steamers, new American ocean 81
  • Strawberries vs. gout 83
  • Strikers to remember 91
  • Subways of great city 86
  • Sugar, milk, to make 84
  • Tack, a, causes a fire 92
  • Tent canvas, waterproofing (6177) 93
  • Tool sharpener* 84
  • Torpedo, Whitehead, engine 91
  • Trees, spraying solution for 91
  • Tunnel, the Ivanhoe 90
  • Typhoid fever, bathing and 87
  • Wages, Italian 87
  • Waste of coal mines 82

Table of Contents of Scientific American Supplement No. 971.

For the Week Ending August 11, 1894.

Price 10 cents. For sale by all newsdealers.


I. AERONAUTICS.-Aerodynamics.-By S. D. MOTT, Mem. Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs.-An examination of the mechanism of a bird's flight.-Its a lesson for man in his efforts at artificial flight.-A suggestion for a flying machine.-3 illustrations 15518

II BOTANY.- -Cacao (Theobroma cacao) in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia. - A critical British consular report on this subject. 15523

Types of Floral Structure.-By the Rev. ALEX. S. WILSON, M.A B.Sc.-A systematic examination of flower structures and of the connection with seed types.-2 Illustrations 15525

III. CIVIL ENGINEERING.-Roadways and Street Pavements.-By WILLIAM L. DICKINSON.-The various typical constructions of roads and pavements.-A plea for improved roads 15517

IV. COSMOLOGY. - Natures Protest against Change. - By Vaughan Cornish, M.Sc.-The organic and inorganic worlds and their processes contrasted. -The future of the world 15519

V. CYCLING.-A One-Legged Bicylist.-A curiosity in cycling.-1 illustration 15512

VI. DOMESTIC ECONOMY.-How to lee Cakes.- An excellent article on the making of ornamental cakes.-5 illustrations 15521

VII. HORTICULTURE.-Grevillea Banksii.-An elegant flowering tree or greenhouse shrub in the Cambridge Botanical Gardens.-1 illustration 15523

VIII. METEOROLOGY.-Rain Making.-By FERNANDO SANFORD - First installment of a lecture by the Professor of Physics of Leland Stanford, Jr., University, treating this subject scientifically 15525 Vesuvius in Eruption. The recent eruption of Vesuvius. described by a correspondent of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.-3 illustrations 15522

IX. MISCELLANEOUS.-Destruction by Fire of the Great Buildings of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago.-Interesting views, with a description of the conflagration in Jackson Park, Chicago.-2 illustrations 15512

X. ORDNANCE.-An Armored Disappearing Turret Operated by Hand Power.-A counterpoised turret, worked by hand power, for Protecting guns in action.-1 illustration 15519

XI. PHARMACY.-Fruit Juice and Sirups.-The manufacture of different syrups, with numerous formulas 15516

XII. PHYSICS.-Study of Fluid Motion employing Colored Bands. By Prof. OSBORNE REYNOLDS.-A beautiful system of studying vortex motion and similar phenomena experimentally 15520

POMOLOGY.-Analysis of Fresh Figs.-Chemical analysis of California ties, to determine the proper fertilizer therefor 15524

XIV. PSYCHOLOGY.-The Mechanism of Thought.-Investigation of the mechanism of mental processes. 15512

XV. TECHNOLOGY.-Artificial Illumination.-By WILLIAM PAUL GERHARD. The present aspect of gas and its probable future in the world 15516 Crystallization in Motion. A new system of graining sugar in vacuum pans by stirring.-2 illustrations 15515 Linseed OIL-Abstract from a speech by Senator M. S. Quay.-The uses of this oil 15514

The Manufacture of White Sugar Direct from Cane Juice.-By Mr. L. F. Hauptman. A practical paper on the direct production of sugar 15515 Wool and its Manufacture.- A. popular resume of the history of wool and its present treatment 15512

Scientific American: A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Manufactures, Vol. LXXI, No. 6, New York, 11 August 1894. Paginated 81 to 94

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