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SS Scharnhorst Collection

Ephemera for the SS Scharnhorst are available at the GG Archives, including Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Event Programs, and more.

Front Cover, SS Scharnhorst Dinner Bill of Fare - 29 December 1936

1936-12-29 SS Scharnhorst Dinner Menu

Very Rare Vintage Dinner Bill of Fare from Tuesday, 29 December 1936 on board the SS Scharnhorst of the North German Lloyd featured Fried Frog’s Legs Casanova, Entre Côte garnished with Vegetables, Sauce Colbert, and Ice Cup Venus for dessert. This German Steamship of the Third Reich had a short service life spanning four years.



Proposed Sailings, Europe-New York, from 21 January 1908 to 23 June 1908 and Mediterranean Sailings from 23 January to 10 October 1908.

Proposed Sailings, Europe-New York, from 21 January 1908 to 23 June 1908, and Mediterranean Sailings from 23 January to 10 October 1908. Ships Included the Barbarossa, Bremen, Buelow, Friedrich der Gross, Grosser Kurfürst, Kaiser Wilhelm der Gross, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Knoenig Albert, Koenigin Luise, Kronprinz Wilhelm, Kronprinzessin Cecilie, Luetzow, Main, Necktar, Prinzess Irene, Rhein, Roon, and Scharnhorst. North German Lloyd Bulletin, February 1908. GGA Image ID # 1dde6667a4. Click to View Larger Image.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the steamers of the company running between GENOA and NEW YORK, which almost without exception touch at NAPLES, afford an opportunity of making the voyage from Genoa to Naples and vice versa. The steamers also touch at GIBRALTAR on the outward and homeward trips. Some weeks before starting, it can be determined whether there are berths vacant for the voyage to Naples or Gibraltar. The North German Lloyd is. However, in no way responsible if any of the steamers in question: do not start or if the departure is postponed. Potential passengers must likewise apply for passage on these steamers to Messrs. LEUPOLD FRATELLI, GENOA, 10 Piazza San Siro.


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