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Fourth Infantry Company Statistics - 3rd OTC - 1918

Cadets Marching Double Time During Their Training at Camp Devens in the 3rd OTC.

Cadets Marching Double Time During Their Training at Camp Devens in the 3rd OTC. GGA Image ID # 13adf01ca5

Impressive statistics for the cadets undergoing training in the Third Officers Training Camp, Fourth Infantry Company unit at Camp Devens. Statistics included the number of enrolled men, average age, height, and weight, marital status, and previous occupations.


Total Enrollment, January 5, 1918, 122.
The following were commissioned during the Course:
Maeck, John H., January 27, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Engineers, N. A. Hume, Horace H., March 11, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Engineers, N. A. O'Connor, James J., March 11, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Engineers, N. A.
Average Age of Company, 23 years, 9 months.
Average Height of Company, 5 feet, 9.1 inches.
Average Weight of Company, 155 pounds.
Married, 7; Single, 115.
Previous Occupations: Students, 65; Teachers, 7; Engineers, 6; Farmers, 10; Lawyers, 1; Business, 33.

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