Officers of the First Infantry Company - 3rd OTC - 1918

Cadets in Training - Still Exercising Using the Herbert Exaustion Maneuver at Camp Devens 3rd OTC.

Cadets in Training - Still Exercising Using the Herbert Exaustion Maneuver at Camp Devens 3rd OTC. GGA Image ID # 13ab7dd856

Brief biographies of the First Infantry Company Command Training Officers of the Third Officers Training Camp at Camp Devens. Statistics are also included for the First Company, including the starting date, demographics, and education/marital status of the cadets.


CAPTAIN ALEXANDER KENDALL, Commanding Company. Born at Cambridge, Mass., August 23, 1882. Unmarried. Harvard College, A.B., 1904; Harvard Law School, 1906. Engaged in practise of law at Boston, Mass., and was Treasurer of the Boston Journal. Battery A, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, 1907-1911.

Attended Plattsburg Business Men's Camp, 1916. Commissioned 1st Lieutenant Infantry Reserve Corps, November 7, 1916. Promoted to Captain August 15, 1917. Instructor, 5th Company at Second Plattsburg Camp.

CAPTAIN PAUL ADAMS MERRIAM, Assistant Instructor. Born at Washington, D. C., January 10, 1889. Unmarried. Phillips Exeter Academy, 1906. Harvard College A.B., 1910; Harvard Graduate School of Applied Science, M.M.E., 1912.

Engaged in engineering and manufacturing at Middletown, Conn. Attended Plattsburg Business Men's Camp, 1915. Enlisted October 8, 1915, in 1st Infantry, Connecticut National Guard. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant January 28, 1916. First Lieutenant September 1, 1916.

In Federal service on Mexican Border June 19 to Novem ber 1, 1916. Resigned for non-residence December 22, 1916. Attended First Plattsburg Camp May 14 to August 15, 1917. Commissioned Captain O. R. C. August 15, 1917. Assistant Instructor in 1st Company at Second Plattsburg Camp.

FIRST LIEUT. JOHN ANTON SCHWEITZER, Assistant Instructor. Born at Greenville, Wisconsin, December 15, 1879. Enlisted November 15, 1898 and has remained in the service since that time, serving successive enlistments in the 6th Infantry, 13th Infantry, 5th Infantry, 3rd Infantry, 10th Infantry and 46th Infantry. Temporary 2nd Lieutenant July 8, 1917, N. A. Commissioned 1st Lieutenant N. A., August 15, 1917. Assigned to 304th Infantry.

SECOND LIEUT. HORACE CLARK NOWLIN, Executive Officer. Born at Boston, Mass., December 13, 1887. Unmarried. Attended Boston Latin School, 1902-1905. Engaged in banking and brokerage at Boston, Mass. Member of Harvard R. O. T. C., May 15 to August 15, 1917. Attended Second Plattsburg Camp August 27 to November 27, 1917. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant November 27, 1917.


Total Enrollment, January 5, 1918, 150.

The following men have been commissioned during the Course:

  1. Warren, Lewis G., January 27, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Eng'rs R. C. Hodge,
  2. Harold A., January 27, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Eng'rs N. A.
  3. Taylor, Hugh S., March 11, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Eng'rs N. A.


Other Statistics

  • Average Age of Company, 25 years, 5 months.
  • Average Height of Company, 5 feet, 9 inches.
  • Average Weight of Company, 162.9 pounds.
  • Marital Status: Married, 24; Single, 126.


Previous Occupations:

  • Students, 12;
  • Teachers, 9;
  • Engineers, 10;
  • Soldiers, 2;
  • Lawyers, 6;
  • Business (unclassified), 111.


Other Educational Statistics

  • Number who have attended or graduated from College, 69.
  • Number graduated from High School or Preparatory School, 65.
  • Previous Military Experience, 150.
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