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The GG Archives is a Social and cultural history archive with many collections including primary source documents on Steamships, Ocean Liners, Passenger Lists (1880s-1950s), Immigration, World War I and II, Works Progress Administration, Historical Menus, Vintage Fashions and more.

The GG Archives About Us & Administration section provides quick access to organizational history and information.

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Pronouncing Our Name

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives name is Norwegian. The English version "Gjenvick" is pronounced with a silent "G" as in "Jenvick". The Gjønvik is the original Norwegian spelling and is sound similar to "Yawn Vik" in pronunciation. Because Gjenvick-Gjønvik is so difficult for most to spell or pronounce, we have fully embraced our moniker of GG Archives.

Did You Know?

Over our 20+ year history, technology has changed dramatically, including how we scan photographs. In 2000, our "Master" images were 96 DPI scans. Today, our "master" images employ 600 or 1200 DPI scans. The difference in quality is substantial.


Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

  • ID: 39529
  • MARC Org Code: GaWsGGA;
  • normalized: gawsgga
  • ISIL: US-gawsgga
  • Other Codes: None
  • Organization Name(s): The Gjenvick-Gjonvik Archives
  • Variant name(s): The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives, GG Archives


The GG Archives Around the World

  • Chinese: GG档案馆 | Gjenvick-Gjønvik檔案
  • Aribic: أرشيفات GG | أرشيف جينفيك-جونفيك
  • Danish: GG Arkiver | Gjenvick-Gjønvik Arkiv
  • Dutch: GG Archieven | Archief van Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • Finish: GG-arkistot | Gjenvick-Gjønvikin arkisto
  • French: Archives GG | Archives Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • German: GG-Archiv | Gjenvick-Gjønvik-Archiv
  • Greek: Αρχεία GG | Αρχείο Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • Hebrew: ארכיון GG | Gjenvick-Gjønvik ארכיון
  • Japanese: GGアーカイブ | Gjenvick-Gjønvikアーカイブ
  • Korean: GG 자료실 | Gjenvick-Gjonnik 아카이브
  • Latvian: GG arhīvi | Gjenvick-Gjønvik arhīvs
  • Norwegian/Swedish: GG Arkiv | Gjenvick-Gjønvik Arkiv
  • Persian: بایگانی GG | بایگانی Gjenwick-Gjønvik
  • Polish: Archiwum GG | Archiwum Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • Portuguese: Arquivos GG | Arquivo Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • Romanian: Arhivele GG | Arhiva Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • Russian: Г.Г. Архивы | Архив Йенвик-Йёнвик
  • Spanish: Archivos GG | Archivo Gjenvick-Gjønvik
  • Thai: คลังเก็บ GG | Gjenvick-Gjønvikเอกสารเก่า
  • Turkish: GG Arşivleri | Gjenvick-Gjønvik Arşivi
  • Vietnamese: Lưu trữ GG | Lưu trữ Gjenvick-Gjønvik

Whatever your language, the GG Archives has provided information and imagery around the world for over years.

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