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The GG Archives' Founder Paul Gjenvick

The GG Archives, online since 2000, needs your support. Consider becoming a Contributor to the Archives and keeping this valuable resource for education, research, genealogy, and social and cultural history.

Our materials are unique and provide context to the extensive government documents available elsewhere (generally for a fee). We were never about making the most money as our goal was to share our collections online to benefit everyone.

The archivist at GG Archives is Paul Gjenvick. He has earned a Masters of Archival Studies from Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia. He welcomes the opportunity to work with educators and researchers to make materials available that would otherwise be kept in private hands or lost forever and forgotten.

Why Should You Support the GG Archives?

Your generous support helps the Archives increase the number of quality materials available online and preserve an extensive collection of ephemera for generations to come. Since 2000, the GG Archives has provided outstanding source documents and supplemental historical materials to our patrons. We take great pride in preserving the social and cultural history -- the future of our past.

The GG Archives seeks to preserve ephemera from the late 1800s through the mid-1950s to provide researchers and students with the rich social and cultural history of many transatlantic voyages and military memorabilia.

The GG Archives collection represents acquisitions and contributions-in-kind from individuals, collectors, and other archives. However, additions over several decades from various sources make up the most substantial portion of our archives. Once brought into our archives, we take steps to preserve the future item through archival safe storage methods and procedures, including climate-controlled facilities.

Consider Supporting the GG Archives. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated!

The generosity of our patrons like you keeps our entire website accessible and free to use by all interested patrons. We receive no public funding and rely entirely on limited advertising and contributions/donations from supporting patrons like you.

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