Terms of Use - Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

Terms of Use - GG Archives

General Terms

While GG Archives provides the material on this website to anyone for informational purposes only, we ask that you not use our materials as your own and that you agree not to frame our site or republish information located on our servers on another website wihtout permission.

GG Archives allows students, teachers and researchers wide discretion in using materials and ask that you properly cite information utilized in your reports, homework and school projects. Production quality digital images (300-1200 DPI TIFF format) may be available on request for a nominal fee. See Ordering Information for specific costs.

Downloading Images

Please remember that bandwidth is expensive. Do not download more than a few images at a time. Otherwise, your IP Address may be banned from future access to the Archives.

If you need more than a few of our large low-resolution images, please contact us in advance. We do not charge for low resolution images, but some restrictions may apply.

Other Terms

The GG Archives grants you the privilege of accessing and viewing the text, graphics, audio, design, charts, and other content (the "GG Archives Content") on the site solely for your personal, non-commercial use.

The GG Archives may revoke such privilege at any time with or without notice for any reason or no reason. Any and all GG Archives content and other works on the site and any reproductions of any of the foregoing (collectively, "Works") are the copyrighted works of the GG Archives and/or its licensors or suppliers, and are protected under U.S. and worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions.

Other than the limited granting of access to and viewing of the GG Archives content set forth above, the GG Archives grants you no other privileges or rights in any of the works.

You acknowledge that any other use of the works, including without limitation, reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display, performance, translation, reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembling, creation of derivative works, exporting, selling, licensing, renting, leasing, transferring, or otherwise transferring rights to the works, or removing any proprietary notices or labels on the works, without the prior written permission of the GG Archives, is strictly prohibited.

Granting or withholding of permission is determined by the GG Archives on a case-by-case basis, and a usage fee may be required depending on the type of proposed use.

You may: print copies of the material for your own personal use; or store the files on your own computer for personal use. The material may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission from the GG Archives. We expressly prohibit the republication of our images and other files on sites such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia and similar websites. The images appearing on this website have significant enhancements under the laws of the United States and the laws of Norway.

Generally, materials found on this website were in the public domain. Many of the older images were in very poor condition and required significant enhancements through Photoshop and similar software. Additionally, not all materials appearing on this Web site are in the public domain.

NOTE: Images of Original Documents such as Passage Contracts, Landing Cards, Steerage Passenger ID Cards and Tags, and other primary source materials ARE UNDER COPYRIGHT until 2095 or later. Copyright pertains to the date of the first publication, not the date when the item was created. For these, you must have our permission to use or purchase the non-exclusive right to use in your publication or website. If you publish any of our primary source documents listed above on your website without our permission, a takedown order may be issued. Please abide by our very generous terms for the use of images from the GG Archives website.

Some materials have been donated or obtained from individuals or organizations and may be subject to restrictions on use. We hold the copyright on most of those images.

Passenger List and other Transcriptions

Transcriptions of our Passenger List and other materials are copyrighted and may not be reposted. You may, however, link to the appropriate page of this website.

Old or vintage articles that have been transcribed are often modified to conform with modern American English and edited / reformatted to improve readability on the web. It is therefore covered on US Copyright. If you want the material on your own website, please obtain the source document.

Hotlinking / Reposting of Images on Websites

Linking to our images within your website or blog is not acceptable without explicit permission from the GG Archives. This includes saving our low resolution images onto your servers for inclusion on your website.

  1. Email us in advance for permission to use an image or images on your website
  2. Include the URL where the image will be located

Please note that most immigration documents (i.e., immigrant ID Tags, passage contracts, inspection cards, etc.) that we hold the copyright to, it is unacceptable to repost on your website. We will only grant a limited number of uses, primarily to educational institutions or genealogy-related sites.

If you violate these conditions

  1. We ask the poster of the image to make the appropriate adjustments to comply with our TOS. Otherwise...
  2. We may ask you to remove the image(s) from their website.

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The generosity of our patrons like you keeps our entire website accessible and free to use by all interested patrons. We receive no public funding and rely entirely on limited advertising and contributions/donations from supporting patrons like you.

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