The Literary Digest, 12 August 1922

Front Cover, The Literary Digest, Vol. 74, No. 7, Whole No. 1686, 12 August 1922.

Front Cover, The Literary Digest, Vol. 74, No. 7, Whole No. 1686, 12 August 1922. GGA Image ID # 19ff875182

The 12 August 1922 issue of the Literary Digest included articles such as Some Interpreters of the Bonus Vote (WWI Soldiers' Bonus) and Prohibition. Cartoons, Poems/Limericks, and Advertisers are also listed.

Advertisement for Campbell's Condensed Ox Tail Soup, Hudson Motor Car, "Say it with Flowers", Hartmann Wardrobe Trunks, Maxwell Motor Corporation, Coca-Cola.

1922-08-12 : The Sunday Newspaper New York Funk & Wagnalls Company, Vol. 74, No7. . 64 Pages.

Table of Contents


Topics of the Day

  • Cross Currents in the Digests Prohibition Poll
  • Some Interpreters of the Bonus Vote
  • Why Seniority Matters
  • Lenin Under Socialist Fire
  • Asking England to Help Keep us Dry
  • Our Bow to the Baltic Triplets / Illustrated Map of Esthonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Speaking for the Foreign Born Miners
  • Uncle Sam to Hand Fritz his Bill
  • Topics in Brief

Foreign Comment

  • Italys New Political Crisis / Photo of Benito Mussolini
  • German Capitals Game of Bluff
  • Bavarias Bad Example
  • Why Islam is Sore at Britain

Science and Invention

  • How Warships are Scrapped / 3 Photos
  • Summer Drownings
  • End of the Tin Can Era Sighted
  • A Railroad Water Wagon / Photo of a Water Wagon
  • The Buffalo Come Back
  • Cities Built by a French Railroad / Photo of Tergniers New School House / Illustrated Plan The New Tergnier

Radio Department

  • Outdoing the Argonauts / Photo of Operator in the Radio room of the Lamport and Holt Line Vauban
  • Memorizing the Continental Code
  • Directional Wireless Transmission / Photo of Model of the Wireless Lighthouse

Letters and Art

  • Shelley Remembered / Illustrations by Shelley of Old Englishman and Funeral Pyre, His La House
  • blasting the Critics
  • An Irishman Discovers the Real American / Photos of Monuments to the Memory of Percy

By Shelley

Religion and Social Service

  • The Spiritual Triumph over Bolshevism / Photo of Patriarch Tikhon
  • Wicked food Waste
  • Justice Before Charity
  • Filling the Country with Churches

Personal Glimpses

  • The Chinese Christian Fighter, General Feng / Photos of: One Hundred and Fifty of Genera
  • Fengs Officers Assembled for a Bible Study Message; General Feng; The Chinese Goose Step

Birds Beasts and Trees

  • Rattlesnake Intimacies / Photos of Snakes
  • Wild Life on a Wild Island

Investments and Finance

  • Our Blundering Tax Policy
  • Investors in Marks Working for Germany

Current Events

The Spice of Life

The Lexicographers Easy Chair


  1. She Loves me She loves me Not / Reid
  2. Main Service Affected by the Strike / McCutcheon
  3. The Camel Stretches himself / Pease
  4. Another Troublesome Immigration Problem / Stinson
  5. Ships that Pass in the Night / Brown
  6. Feat that Won Recognition / Pease
  7. Hard Riding / Kober
  8. Dont Let him Die / Ket
  9. Unjust Discrimination / Morris
  10. Where Disarmament is most Needed
  11. Broadcasting à la Boche
  12. Dressing for the Part


  1. The Fish Hawk / John Hall Wheelock
  2. Shelley / C.E. Lawrence
  3. You Ask me Not to Die / Aline Kilmer
  4. Lost at Sea / David M. Robinson
  5. Counting Sheep / W.P.R. Kerr
  6. Wish / Judith Tractman


  • Absorbine Jr.
  • American Kampkook Camp Stove
  • Barrett Specification Roofs
  • Bosch Magneto Corporation
  • Buick Cars
  • Burroughs Adding Machine
  • Campbells Ox Tail Soup
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Chevrolet Motor Company
  • Coca Cola
  • Cream of Wheat
  • Dr. Wests Tooth Brush
  • Du Pont
  • Fisk Tires
  • Florist Telegraph Delivery Service
  • Forhans Dentifrice
  • Garco Asbestos Products
  • Hartmann Wardrobe Trunks
  • Hoffman Equipment
  • Horlicks Malted Milk
  • Hudson Cars
  • ILG Ventilation
  • Ivory Soap
  • Jersey Screen Cloth
  • Johns Manville Asbestos Shingles
  • Ludens Cough Drops
  • Maxwell Cars
  • Mennen Shaving Cream
  • Mimeograph
  • National Safety Paper
  • New Skin
  • Oak Flooring Mfrs. Assn.
  • Oakland Six Cars
  • Oldsmobile Cars
  • Packers Shampoo
  • School and College Directory
  • Texaco Motor Oils
  • Thomas Cook and Son
  • Tiffany and Co.
  • U.S. Royal cord Tires
  • Velvet Tobacco
  • Venus Thin Leads
  • Victrola
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