The Booklovers Magazine, May 1904

Front Cover, The Booklovers Magazine, Volume III, Number 5, May 1904.

Front Cover, The Booklovers Magazine, Volume III, Number 5, May 1904. GGA Image ID # 19feea4713

Published Monthly by The Library Publishing Company, Philadelphia

The May 1904 issue of The Booklovers Magazine featured illustrated articles The Two Pacifics: III. If Japan Should Win, Stewards of an Ocean Liner: Above and Below Decks, "Way for the Breakdown Gang": How Railway Wrecks are Handled, and more.

Table of Contents

  • The Two Pacifics: III. If Japan Should Win
    By Harold Bolce
    With Illustrations
  • Karl Bitter: A Master of Decorative Sculpture
    By J. Nilsen Laurvik
    With Illustrations
  • A Group of Modern Paintings
    Four full-page reproductions in color
    Une Jeune Fille by Charles Chaplan
    A Dondottiere by Lord Leighton
    Sir John Falstaff by Eduard Grützner
    Commerce and Sea Power by W. L. Wyllie
  • Matthew Stanley Quay: A Character Sketch
    By Joseph M. Rogers
    With Portraits, Caricatures, and Cartoons
  • Stewards of an Ocean Liner: Above and Below Decks
    By Winthrop Packard
    With Illustrations
  • Flower Maidens: Water Color Sketches by Louis Rhead
    Reproductions in color of The Nasturtium Maiden, The Rose Maiden, The Clematis Maiden, and The Chrysanthemum Maiden
  • Japanese Caricature: An Imported National Humor
    By J. Berg Esenwein
    With Reproductions of Cartoons
  • “Way for the Breakdown Gang”: How Railway Wrecks are Handled
    By D. A. Willey
    With Illustrations
  • Literary Geniuses and Brain-Fag: Some Facts About Eye Strain
    By George M. Gould, M.D.
  • A Spring Poem
    By Edmund Vance Cooke
  • The Managing Committee: A Story
    By Howard Fielding
  • The Best New Things from the World of Print

List of Advertisers

  • "Glycozone" Dyspepsia and Other Stomach Troubles
  • "Gordon Dye" Hosiery – Brown, Durrell & Co.
  • "Gunn" Improved System Sectional Book Case
  • 1000000 Ostermoors – Ostermoor & Company
  • 1847 Rogers Bros Silver Ware
  • A Genuine Willard Banjo Clock – G. R. S. Killam, Pawtucket RI
  • A Unique "Scott" Story (Sir Walter Scott
  • A.P.W. Brand Toilet Paper
  • Advertising Prize Competition (Booklovers Magazine)
  • An Autobiography by Herbert Spencer
  • Bailey's Rubber Bath & Flesh Brush – C. J. Bailey & Co.
  • Bartlett's Foreign Tours
  • Belfast Mesh Linen Underwear
  • Bicycle Innovations: Two-Speed Gear and New Coaster Brake, Pope Manufacturing Company
  • Booklover's Magazine – Money for Subscription Agents
  • Booklovers Magazine Advertising Rates
  • Books by The Boobbs-Merrill Co. Publishers, Indianapolis
  • Bound Volumes of the Booklovers Magazine
  • Bousch & Lomb Plastigmat Lens
  • Breakfast Cocoa – Walter Baker & Co.
  • Brighton Flat Clasp Garters – Pioneer Suspender Co.
  • Bureau of University Travel
  • C.P. Gierz, Union Square, New York
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Company Express Steamships to Japan
  • Chests of Silverware – Daniel Low & Co.
  • Chicago Great Western Railway
  • Cleo Rouge
  • Collier's – The National Weekly
  • Colorado, The Black Hills, Yellowstone Park – The North-Western Line
  • Columbia Phonograph Company
  • Cook's Imperial Extra Dry Champagne – The American Wine Company
  • Edison Gold Moulded Record – The Edison Phonograph
  • Everybody's Magazine for May
  • Everybody's Magazine: American Cities in Pencil
  • Eye Diseases Cured Without Surgery – A Postal Gets This Books – Gren Oneal, M.D., Chicago
  • Fairbairn & Williams Resort
  • For Art Lovers – Address The Chambers Co.
  • French Lick West Baden Springs – Frank J. Reed, G. P. A.
  • Good Business English – The System Co.
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine May Number
  • Great Lymph Sanitarium Association
  • H&R Honest Revolver – Harrington & Richardson Arms Co.
  • Hamburg American Line Select Cruises
  • Haynes Automobiles – Haynes-Apperson Co, Kokomo, IN
  • Heinz 57 Varieties – H. J. Heinz Company
  • Henry E. Burr, Importer Rare Trees
  • Her Infinite Variety: A Love Story by Brand Whitlock, Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy
  • Hood's Sarsaparilla
  • Horlick's Malted Milk – Horlick's Food Company, Racine, WI
  • Hotel Somerset, Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
  • Illinois Central Railraod
  • Ingersoll Dollar Watch
  • Iver Johnson Safety Hammer, Revolver
  • Jap-A-Lag Colored Varnish – The Glidden Varnish Co.
  • Johnson's Prepared Wax – S. C. Johnson & Son
  • Joseph Dixon Crucible Co.
  • Kate E. Tirney – Manufacturer Gowns and Millinery, Commissionaire, Chaperone
  • Kenilworth Furniture – The Cook Company
  • Klip-Klip The Pocket Manicure
  • La Reclama Cigars – La Reclama Cuban Factory
  • Leslie's Weekly
  • Libby's (Natural Flavor) Food Products – Libby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago
  • Lightweight President Suspenders – The C. A. Edcarton Mfg. Co.
  • Lyont Healy – The World's Largest Makers of Harps
  • Macbeth Lamp Chimney
  • Mark Twain's Six Funniest Books
  • Mennen's Borated talcum Oilet Powder
  • Merrill & Baker – Odd Volumes of DeLuxe Sets Below Costs
  • Mountain and Seashore – New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
  • Mrs. Gervaise Graham's Cucumber and Elder Flower Cream
  • Nautical Preparatory School, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Niagara Falls via Michigan Central Railroad
  • Oil-Burning Locomotives: Southern Pacific
  • Old English Floor Wax – A. S. Boyle & Co.
  • Old Hickory Chair Company
  • Oldsmobile – Olds Motor Works, Detroit
  • Otto Sonne, Civil Engineer, Boston
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
  • Pabst Extract – The Best Tonic
  • Pacific Coast Borax Co.
  • Packer's Tar Soap
  • Pearline Soap
  • Peoples Savings Bank, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Pocono Mountains – Lackawanna Railroad
  • Pompeian Massage Cream
  • Postum Coffee
  • Reading Chair for Booklovers – "Fit-The-Back Chair" – The Richards Chair=Panel Co., Chicago
  • Regal Shoe Company
  • Remington Typewriter Company
  • Resinol Soap – Resinol Chemical Company
  • Royal Muskoka Hotel
  • Rozane Ware – The Roseville Pottery Company
  • Rubifoam Liquid Dentifrice
  • Savage Rifles – Savage Arms Company
  • Seashore, Lake and Moutain Resort of Eastern & Northern New England and the Maritime Provinces reached by the Boston and Maine Railroad
  • Secret Court Memoirs of the French Court, Translated from the Original Manuscripts
  • Shivers' Panetela Cigar – Herbert D. Shivers, Philadelphia
  • Shredded Wheat – The Natural Food Company
  • Southern Pacific Sunset Route
  • Southwestern Limited – Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway
  • Standard Auto-Addresser: The Mailing List Machine of America – Peck & Joline, New York
  • Stanley Trunks – The Homer Young Co., Ltd.
  • System Magazine – The System Company
  • Tailored Suits – National Cloak and Suit Co. New York
  • Tapestrolea Cusion Covers
  • The "April" Prize Competition (Booklovers Magazine)
  • The American Encyclopedic Dictionary – J. A. Hill & Company
  • The Asiatic Crisis – Ridpath's History of the World
  • The Booklover's Magazine School Directory
  • The Booklovers Library
  • The Burrows Brothers Co., Cleveland (Sellers of Good Books)
  • The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States
  • The Four=Track News: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Travel and Education
  • The House Beautiful Magazine
  • The Inside Inn at St. Louis
  • The International Audit Company, Chicago
  • The Knabe Piano
  • The Leonard Sofa Beds
  • The Locke Adjustable Table
  • The Metropolitan Magazine for May
  • The Nature Library – Doubleday, Page & Co.
  • The New International Encyclopaedia, Completed May 1, 1904 – Dodd, Mead & Co.
  • The Newest Books – May List Issued by the Booklovers Library, Philadelphia
  • The Oliver Typewriter
  • The Outlook Magazine
  • The Peck=Williamson Laundry Drier
  • The Press Co., Meriden CT
  • The Prudential Insurance Co. of America
  • The Smith Premier Typewriter
  • The Startford, Chicago
  • The Strand Magazine (May Number)
  • The Works of Theodore Roosevelt – The Critic
  • The Yankee Cork Puller – The Gilchrist Co.
  • Underwood Typewriter Co.
  • Vacation Days are Kodak Days – Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Vapo-Cresolene Cures While You Sleep
  • Velvet Grip Hose supporter – George Frost Co.
  • Velvet Velox paper, Eastman Kodak Co
  • Victor: The New Caruso Records – Victor Talking Machine Co. Philadelphia
  • Visit Colorado – Rock Island System (Railroad)
  • Visit Michigan via Grand Rapids & Indiana Railway
  • Vose Pianos – Vose & Sons Piano Co.
  • Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen
  • Whistler portraits by The Copley Prints
  • Willa's Yucca Preparations – The L. E. Russell Co.
  • Y and E Card Index System – Yawman & Erbe Mfg. Co.

Pages 578-720 (Paginated) plus advertisements in front and back (unpaginated)

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