Harper's New Monthly Magazine - January 1888

Front Page, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. LXXVI, No. CCCCLIL, January 1888.

Front Page, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. LXXVI, No. CCCCLIL, January 1888. GGA Image ID # 19fffbf903

Harper's Magazine for January 1888 was a literary magazine that published a variety of full-length articles and poetry. Included a back section of period advertisents that provides a unique look at the products available in 1888.

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • The Adoration of the Magl by Henry Van Dyke, D.D.
  • The Italian Chamber of Deputies by J. S. Parker
  • Virginia of Virginia by Amelie Rives
  • Modern French Sculpture by Theodore Child
  • The City of Savannah, Georgia by I. W. Avery
  • The Tariff ["For Revenue Only"] by Henry Watterson
  • In Far Lochaber (Part 1) by William Black
  • The Shade of America in Westminster Abby by the Venerable F. W. Farrah, D.D., Archdeacon of Westminster


  • Pére Dagobert by M. E. M. Davis
  • From Day to Day by Nora Perry

Editor's Musings

  • Editor's Easy Chair
  • Editor's Study
  • Monthly Record of Current Events
    • Political
    • Disasters
    • Obituary
  • Editor's Drawer
  • Literary Notes (by Laurence Hutton)

Advertisers (not comprehensive)

  • Royal Banking Powder
  • James Pyle's Pearline
  • Edwin C. Burt & Co.'s Shoes and Slippers
  • The Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn.
  • The International Cyclopedia
  • J. H. Bonnell & Co., Publishers
  • Littell & Co (Littell's Living Age Magazine)
  • Red Fern Gowns and Coats
  • Cluett's Crown Collars and Cuffs, and Monarch Shirts
  • Tiffany & Co. Diamonds and Other Precious Stones
  • Frank Haviland - Haviland China
  • R. Hollings & Co. Extension Lamp
  • Ovington Bro's and Ovington - Dinnerware
  • A. H. Andrews - Upright Cabinet Folding Bed
  • Procter & Gamble - Vegetable Glycerine, Candles for Carriage Lamps
  • Wm. F. Kidder & Co. Digestylin for Indigestion & Dyspepsia
  • The Hammond Type-Writer Co.
  • L. E. Waterman Co. - Fountain Pens
  • The American Writing Machine Co. - The Caligraph Writing Machine
  • Geo. Becker & Co. World Type Writer
  • Hall Type-Writer Company
  • Durkee's Poultry Seasoning
  • Barry's Tricopherous for the Hair
  • Plymouth Rock Pants Co.
  • Mason & Hamlin Organs and Pianos
  • Horace Waters & Co. Upright Pianos
  • Burpee's Seeds
  • Jas. S. Kirk & Co. White Cloud Soap
  • Dr. Lyon's Tooth Tables
  • Bortree Mfg. Co Corsets
  • C. C. Shayne, Furrier
  • The H. H. B abcock Buggy Company
  • Bradley & Co - The Bradley Handy Buckboard
  • The Henis Press and Vegetable Strainer
  • Jewett's New Water Filter
  • Rubifoam Tooth Powder
  • The Boston Weekly Globe (Periodical)
  • Equitable Mortgage Company
  • Thurber, Whyland & Co.'s Restorative Wine of Coca
  • Hostetter's Stomach Bitters Household Remedy
  • King Toilet Paper
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