Harper's New Monthly Magazine, July 1899 (No. 590)

Front Cover, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, July 1899 (No. 590).

Front Cover, Harper's New Monthly Magazine, July 1899 (No. 590). GGA Image ID # 19ff7c04df

Published by Harper & Brothers, New York and London, Harper's New Monthly Magazine was a Literary magazine covering a broad range of topics.

The July 1899 issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine featured Part VI of the Blockade of Manila and Capture of Guam in the Spanish American War. Other articles included Not on a Passenger List -- A Story, The Australian Horseman, and more.

Table of Contents

  • “Hear, 0 Israel!”
    Frontispiece Illustration for “Transitional." Drawn by Louis LOEB.
  • The Spanish - American War. Part VI. The Blockade of Manila and the Capture of Guam. - Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge, United States Senator from Massachusetts.
    Nineteen Illustrations and One Map. From Drawings by T. De Thulstrup, G. W. Peters, F. Luis Mora, Harry Fenn, E. C. Peixotto, Guy Rose, And H. Reuterdahl; and from Photographs by Hollinger, Endeau, and Others.
  • Breath on the Oat. A Poem J Russell Taylor
  • Transitional. A Story I Zangwill
    One Illustration (Frontispiece) by Louis Loeb.
  • Trooper Jaekson. A Poem Thomas Edward Grafton
    One Illustration by Frederic Remington.
    The Interior Decoration of the City House Part III. Russell Sturgis
    Ten Illustrations and One Plan. From Drawings by Otto H. Bacher, and front Photographs.
  • The Princess Xenia. A Romance. Part IV. H. B. Marriott Watson, Author of Galloping Dick.
    One Illustration by T. De Thulstrup.
  • The Wrath of the Zuyder Zee. A Story Thomas A. Janvier
    Four Illustrations by Lucius Hitchcock.
  • The Australian Horseman Herbert C. Mac Ilwaine
    Seven Illustrations by Percy F. S. Spence.
  • Their Silver Wedding Journey. A Novell - Part VII. William Dean Howells
    Two Illustrations by W. T. SMEDLEY.
  • The Honor of the Troop. A Story Frederic Remington
    Two Illustrations by the Author.
  • Not on the Passenger-List. A Story. Jessie Van Zile Belden
  • Trade Policy with the Colonies Worthington C. Ford, Late Chief of the Bureau of Statistics, Washington.
  • A Brother to Saint James. A Story Wolcott Leclear Beard
  • In Hades. A Poem Anna C. Brackett
  • The Drawer. With Introductory Story By Margaret Sutton Briscoe
    Illustrations By A. B. Frost, Peter Newell, H. B. Eddy, And Albert E. Sterner.
  • Literary Notes John Kendrick Bangs
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