The Delineator Magazine - March 1906

Front Cover, The Delineator Magazine, Vol. LXVII, No. 3, March 1906.

Front Cover, The Delineator Magazine, Vol. LXVII, No. 3, March 1906. GGA Image ID # 19fae97dec

The March 1906 issue of The Delineator featured The Millinery of Early Spring, Brides of the White House, Aprons for Various Occasions, The Brides Apparel, The Delineator Campaign for Safe Foods, and More.


  • Personal Talks With "The Delineator Family" ... The Editor
  • A Pause in the Dance Drawn by Anna Burnham Wettermann
  • Fashions in New York by Helen Berkeley-Loyd, Illustrated by Anna Burnham Westermann
  • The Dress of Paris Illustrated by Edouard la Fontaine
  • Styles of the Month
  • Fitting and Draping a Waist by "The Dressmaker"
  • The Millinery of Early Spring
  • Brides of the White House With a new Portrait of Mira Alice Roosevelt
  • The Portion of the Youngest a Short Story by Mary Steuart Cutting, Illustrated by Karl Anderson
  • Some Heroines of Shakespeare—by Their Impersonators: Viola, Hermione and Perdita, Illustrated by Viola Allen
  • The President of Quex: A Woman's Club Story Chapters X-XII, by Helen M. Winslow, Illustrated by W. L. Jacobs
  • The Modern Husband : A Short Editorial
  • The City Behind the Levee a Travel Sketch, Clifton Johnson, Illustrated by the Author
  • In the Way He Should Go a Short Story by Virginia Woodward Cloud, Illustrated by A. Deford Pitney
  • The Rights of the Child: Twelfth Paper (Conclusion) Growth and Development Illustrated by Dr. Grace Peckham Murray
  • Houses by Correspondence No. One: The Doctor's House by H. W. Wilkinson, Illustrated
  • Stories and Pastimes for Children: Gradual Fairy Stories III — The Little Brown Hen by Alice Brown, Illustrated by C. E. Emerson
  • Sunlight and Shadow a Serial Story for Girls by Gabrielle E. Jackson, Illustrated by S. Werner
  • The Magic Peep Show by Lina Heard, Illustrated by the Author
  • Why Dick Frisky Forsook His Family Traditions by Alice Lounsbury
  • Needlework: Darned Net; Filet Lace; Bead Trimmings; Knitting; Crocheting; Folds for Dress Trimmings
  • Aprons for Various Occasions
  • The 1906 Figure
  • The Bride's Apparel
  • Childhood: The Blind Child by Mrs. Theodore W. Birney
  • The Observances of Society: Minor Matters Concerning Calls and Cards by Mrs. Frank Learned
  • Good Looks by Eleanor Rogers, M.D.
  • The Newest Books by Flora Mai Holly
  • Choice and Finish of Interior Woodwork by Alice M. Kellogg, Illustrated
  • The Delineator Campaign for Safe Foods: Alarms Real and Unreal by Mary Hinman Abel
  • The Progress of a Housewife Chap. Ill- Eggs and Something About Cooking Them, Illustrated by Isabel Gordon Curtis
  • Illustrated Cookery: Serving a Stag Party by Anna W. Morrison
  • The Kitchen: Sour Milk Cookery, Wealthea A. Wilson; Cheese Dishes, Katharine E. Megee; Delicious Methods of Preparing Fish, Frances E. Peck; On the Cooking of Vegetables; Elisabeth H. Saunders
  • Sweet Peas and Pansies, Illustrated by Ward Macleod
  • Club Festivities by Helen M. Winslow
  • Deestrick No. 5, Part VI, by Della Thompson Lutes, Illustrated by E. Frederick
  • The Quality of Courage by Barbara Yechton
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