The Delineator Magazine - February 1904

Front Cover, The Delineator, The Butterick Publishing Company, Ltd., Vol. LXIII, No. 2.

Front Cover, The Delineator, The Butterick Publishing Company, Ltd., Vol. LXIII, No. 2. GGA Image ID # 19f97b2b21


An Illustrated Magazine of Literature and Fashion

This issue features extensive articles on Ladies' costumes, richly illustrated with black and white plates, and fashions in New York, London, and Paris.

Published Monthly by The Butterick Publishing Co. (Ltd.)

Paris -- London -- New York -- Toronto


Conducted by CHARLES DWYER


  • Cover Design—Bubbles
    Drawn by F. Strothmann
  • A Hunt Meet at Aiken, S.C.
    Drawn by E.-M. Ashe
  • Fashions in New York
    By Mrs. Osborn
  • The Fashions of London
    By Mrs. Aria
  • Dress and Gossip of Paris
    By Mrs. John VanVorst
  • The Late Winter Styles
  • The Dressmaker
  • Late Winter Millinery
  • The Silver Boat a Story
    By Albert Bigelow Paine, Illustrated by Bayard Jones
  • Calvé at Home
    By Percy Mitchell, Illustrated from exclusive photographs
  • The Wooing of Tia a Story
    By Ednah Proctor Clarke, Illustrated by C. D. Weldon.
  • Winter Back-Door Neighbors
    By Craig S. Thorns, Illustrated
  • The Master Magician a Poem
    By Theodosia Garrison, Illustrated by Herbert Paus
  • The Evolution of a Club Woman
    Serial Story By Agnes Surbridge, Illustrated by A. I. Keller
  • The Fountain of Youth Second Paper the Complexion
    Illustrated Grace Peckham Murray, M.D.
  • The Promise of Limy Ellen - A Story
    By L. M. Montgomery, Illustrated by H. C. Wall
  • The Joy of Living II the Cultivation of Ideals
    By Lillie Hamilton French, Illustrated by Herbert Paus
  • The Quest of Roxane a Collector's Story
    By Frances Roberts, Illustrated
  • House-Building and Home-Making II a House Unique in Interest
    By Alice M. Kellogg
  • Happenings in the Delineator Home
    By The Editor

Stories and Pastimes for Children

  • A Little Garden Calendar II
    Illustrated from photographs by T. C. Turner Albert Bigelow Paine;
  • Tommy Post Office, a Cat Story II
    Illustrated by William R. Crocker Gabrielle E. Jackson;
  • Lessons in Plain Sewing, No. 12
    Lucy Bartram;
  • An Indian Encampment Part Two
    Illustrated by the author. . Lina Beard


  • Needlework: Dutch Embroidery; Cross-Stitch Embroidery; Crocheting; Lacemaking; Tatting; Embroidered Insignia, Etc.
  • The Newest Books
    Laura B. Starr
  • The Observances of Society
    By Mrs. Frank Learned
  • Childhood: A Plea for Allowances
    By Mrs. Theodore W. Birney
  • Sofa Pillows and Cushion Covers
    By Alice M. Kellogg
  • A Holland Luncheon
    By Anna W. Morrison, Illustrated
  • Serving of and Waiting at the Table II
    By Eleanor Marchant, Illustrated
  • The Kitchen: Luncheon Dishes New and Unique
    Isabel R. Wallach
  • The Fruits of Winter
    Sarah W. Landes
  • Some Novel Desserts
    Frances Peck
  • Ferns Within Doors and Without
    By Ward Macleod
  • A Talk About Pictures
    By Priscilla Wakefield
  • Styles Evening Gowns
  • Club Women and Club Life
    By Helen M. Winslow
  • For Maternity Wear

Published by the Butterick Publishing Co Limited at 17 West Thirteenth Street, New York, Copyright 1904, By The Butterick Publishing Co. (Limited). All rights reserved. Entered at Stationers' Hall.

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