The Delineator Magazine - June 1896

Front Cover, The Delineator Magazine, Butterick Publishing Company, Ltd., Vol. XLVII, No. 6, June 1896.

Front Cover, The Delineator Magazine, Butterick Publishing Company, Ltd., Vol. XLVII, No. 6, June 1896. GGA Image ID # 19fad2b331

The June 1896 issue of The Delineator magazine featured sheet music by Renwar Borscy, Wedding Customs and Costumes, an expanded Ladies' Fashions section, Surf Bathing, and Its Attire, and more.

THE DELINEATOR is Issued Monthly and covers the Field of Fashion. Women's Work and Recreation. Each Issue contains over One Hundred and Fifty Pages of Interesting Reading on the Fashions. Fancy-Work (including remarkable articles on Lace-Making, Knitting. Crocheting, Tatting, etc.).

Household Management, The Toilet, The Garden, etc., etc., and has, in addition, each month Articles by distinguished Writers on the Topics of the Time, Women's and Children's Education, Women's Handcrafts and Occupations, Suggestions for Seasonable Entertainments and a Variety of Other Matter Instructive and Helpful to oil Women.

THE DELINEATOR is the Cheapest and Best Woman's Magazine published.


  • Do You Remember, Love? (Sheet Music) by Renwar Borscy
  • Wedding Customs and Costumes
  • House Furnishing and Decoration
  • Hats and Bonnets
  • Ladies' Fashions (Illustrations and Descriptions.)
  • Styles for Misses and Girls (Illustrations and Descriptions.)
  • Styles for Little Folks (Illustrations and Descriptions.)
  • Styles for Boys (Illustrations and Descriptions.)
  • Illustrated Miscellany
  • Surf Bathing and Its Attire
  • Fancy Stitches and Embroideries by Emma Haywood
  • Fashionable Dress Goods
  • Fashionable Garnitures
  • Summer Millinery
  • Colonial Dames of America by Carolyn Halsted
  • Talks on Beauty No. 1. — The Skin by F. J, Leviseur, M.D.
  • Ecclesiastical Embroidery No. 3 By Emma Haywood
  • Domestic Sanitation No. 2 By A. Buchanan
  • Crocheting (Illustrated.)
  • Knitting (Illustrated.)
  • Interior Decoration No 2 by Frances Leeds
  • Seasonable Cookery by Blair
  • Novelties in Sleeves, Neckwear, Etc.
  • The Care of the Teeth. Third Paper
  • Lace Making (Illustrated.)
  • Around the Tea-Table by Edna S. Witherspoon
  • Summer Travel by Mary Cadwalader Jones
  • Decorative Art (Professions) By Isabelle Dwight Sprague-Smith
  • The Newest Books
  • Answers to Correspondents
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