The Delineator Magazine - October 1900

Front Cover, The Delineator, The Butterick Publishing Co. Ltd., Vol. LVI, No. 4, October 1900.

Front Cover, The Delineator, The Butterick Publishing Co. Ltd., Vol. LVI, No. 4, October 1900. GGA Image ID # 19f91e6f39

The Delineator Magazine issue for October 1900 was a fascinating look at women's fashions at the turn of the twentieth century. They provided a glimpse of a women's life at the turn of the century with articles on fashion, clothing, housekeeping, raising children, and more.

Editorial Chat.

The article on The Women of China, by Laura B. Starr, will be read with great interest in the present number. Mrs. Starr's long residence in the Far East and extensive acquaintance with civil and official Chinese life make her exceptionally qualified to write on this subject. The pictures are reproduced from original photographs.

Although Miss Mabel McKinley, the President's niece, will not be married in the White House, interest in the event naturally suggests former weddings in which the Chief Executive participated. Mrs. Crowninshield's paper on White House Brides is delightfully reminiscent and furnishes an attractive picture of life and manners during the different administrations.

Charles G. D. Roberts' romance of White Marie and Dark Marianne is charmingly told, carrying a story of love, sacrifice, and supreme renunciation to the reader with its breath of the Acadian woods.


  • Styles for Ladies
  • Illustrated Cookery
    Anna Morrison
  • The Dressmaker
    A. L. Gorman 465
  • Styles for Misses and Girls
  • Styles for Little Folks
  • Styles for Boys
  • The Art of Knitting
  • Almost Home—A Sketch
    E. Crayton McCants, Illustrated by A. Teggin
  • October Mists (Poem.)
    Henry Cleveland Wood. 491
  • Autumn Dress Fabrics
  • Garnitures and Accessories
  • College News
    Carolyn Halsted. 496
  • Social Observances
    Mrs. Frank Learned. 498
  • The Mineral Painters' Exhibit. Illustrated From Photographs
    Mary Leicester Wagner
  • Fashionable Autumn Millinery
  • The Women of China
    Laura B. Starr, Illustrated From Photographs
  • Her Lyric (Poem.)
    Felix Carmen
  • A Royal Palace and Its Queens
    N. Hudson Moore, Illustrated From Photographs
  • The Sweet Low Speech of the Rain (Poem.)
    Ella Higginson, Illustrated by J. Allen St. John
  • White Marie and Dark Marianne
    Charles G. D. Roberts, Illustrated by F. M. Arnold
  • Fancy Stitches and Embroideries
    Emma Haywood, Illustrated in Colors
  • Brazilian Point
  • Crocheting
  • Modern Lace-Making
  • Pastimes for Convalescing Children No. 4 Halloween Merriment. Illustrated.
    Lina Beard.
  • The Brides of the White House
    Mrs. Schuyler Crowninshield
  • Children and Their Ills No. 10. Worms.
    Grace Peckham Murray, M.D.
  • The Newest Books
    Laura B. Starr. 534

Domestic Subjects

  • The Children's Interests. Part II
    Margaret Hall.
  • Home-Made Charlottes
    Helen Combes.
  • Some Delicious Layer-Cakes
    Nina Gordon.
  • The Fears of Women
    James Buckham
  • Girls' Interests and Occupations
    Priscilla Wakefield
  • Practical Gardening
    Ward MacLeod
  • Club Women and Club Life
    Helen M. Winslow
  • Domestic Science

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