Titanic: An Illustrated History - 1995

Front Cover: Titanic - An Illustrated History - 1995

Front Cover: Titanic - An Illustrated History - 1995. GGA Image ID # 102425f481

From the Cover

No one ever dreamed that her first voyage would also be her last. To the elegantly dressed first-class passengers who swept down the Grand Staircase on their wav to dinner, the Titanic seemed to be the ultimate in comfort and security. But only hours later the greatest ship ever built would lie on the bottom of the Atlantic and her few surviving passengers would be left shivering in lifeboats.

Now the complete story of the “unsinkable" Titanic — from her construction and launch to her sinking and rediscovery — is told in words and hundreds of pictures in one magnificent, lavishly illustrated volume.

Back Cover: Titanic - An Illustrated History - 1995

Back Cover: Titanic - An Illustrated History - 1995. GGA Image ID # 10246f8fed

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Building the Legend
  • Chapter Two: The Voyage Begins | Touring the Titanic | Ship of Dreams
  • Chapter Three: That Fateful Sunday\
  • Chapter Four: A Deadly Encounter
  • Chapter Five: To the Lifeboats
  • Chapter Six: Death of a Titan
  • Chapter Seven: Rescue
  • Chapter Eight: Aftermath
  • Chapter Nine: Questions
  • Chapter Ten: Discovery
  • Chapter Eleven: The Titanic Legacy
  • Postscript
  • Acknowledgments, Credits, and Bibliography
  • Index

About the Authors

Don Lynch has been researching the Titanic and the people who sailed on her for over twenty years. As historian for the Titanic Historical Society, he has become personally acquainted with the remaining survivors of the Titanic as well as the families of many others. Much of the research and many of the visuals for this book have come directly from them.

Ken Marschall is undoubtedly todays leading painter of the Titanic. His startlingly lifelike images reflect many years of close study of the ship and are famous for their accuracy as well as their artistry. His work has been featured on the cover of Time, in National Geographic and in Dr. Ballard's bestselling books, The Discovery of the Titanic, The Discovery of the Bismarck and Exploring the Lusitania.

Dr. Robert Ballard, the author of the introduction, led the team that discovered the Titanic in 1985. A year later, he descended two and a half miles below the surface of the Atlantic to explore the remains of the shattered liner.


  • Design, Typography and Art Direction: Gordon Sibley Design Inc.
  • Editorial Director: Hugh Brewster
  • Editorial Assistance: Rick Archbold, Shelley Tanaka, Catherine Fraccaro, Ian R. Coutts, and Wanda Nowakowska
  • Production Director: Susan Barrable
  • Production Assistance: Donna Chong
  • Maps and Diagrams: Peter Kovalik
  • Color Separation: Colour Technologies
  • Printing and Binding: Friesens Corporation

Publication Information

  • Text: Don Lynch
  • Paintings: Ken Marschall
  • Jacket. Design and Compilation: The Madison Press Limited
  • Publisher: Hyperion, New York
  • Author: Marschall, Ken
  • Title: Titanic : an illustrated history/paintings by Ken Marschall; text by Donald Lynch; introduction by Robert D. Ballard,
  • Note: Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index.
  • Publication Note: Originally published in hardcover in 1992. Seventh paperback edition 1998
  • ISBN: 0-7868-8147-X
  • Topics: 1. Titanic (Steamship). 2. Shipwrecks—North Atlantic Ocean.
  • Related: I. Lynch, Donald. II. Title.
  • Browse by shelf order: G530.T6M29
  • Published: 1992 Madison Press Books, Toronto
  • Dewey class no.: 910\9183'4—dc20
  • Catalog in-Publication: 92-11587
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