Inside The Titanic: Giant Cutaway Book - 1997

Front Cover, Inside the Titanic: A Giant Cutaway Book, 1997.

Front Cover, Inside the Titanic: A Giant Cutaway Book, 1997. GGA Image ID # 1104dae89f

From the Cover Flaps

Frank Goldsmith can hardly believe his luck. He is going to America on board the newest and largest ocean liner in the world. Once he and his family have found their small room in third class, Frank goes off to explore the Titanic.

Several decks above the Goldsmiths, twelve-year-old Billy Carter is sharing a luxurious first-class suite with his sister and parents. He is just as eager as Frank to discover the ship, to try the equipment in the Titanic's gymnasium and go for a dip in the liner’s swimming pool.

Inside the Titanic tells the real-life stories of these young passengers with giant cutaways that allow’ readers to explore every deck of this legendary ship.

Fully detailed, accurate illustrations usher readers down the Grand Staircase to the huge dining saloon or to the luxurious Turkish baths. A spectacular four- page foldout gives the most complete view ever of the great liner at sea, a veritable floating city that was home to over two thousand people.

Other pages go behind the scenes on the great liner, including a look at the very heart of the ship, its bridge, on the night of the disaster. Full-page illustrations show how the liner struck the fatal iceberg and depict water slowly filling the ship after the collision.

Words and pictures re-create the final hours of the Titanic's life, as Billy and Frank watch while the “unsinkable” ship disappears beneath the sea.

Inside the Titanic invites young readers to embark on the most famous ocean voyage of all time. With colorful, oversized illustrations and fabulously detailed cutaways, this book reveals every stage of the Titanic s life, from the day the liner left England to a haunting underwater view of the wreck today.

About the Authors

Ken Marschall is the world’s foremost painter of the Titanic. His interest in the liner dates from his teenage years, and since then he has depicted the Titanic in dozens of highly accurate paintings. His work has appeared on the cover of Time and in National Geographic as well as in many books including The Discovery of the Titanic, Exploring the Titanic, Titanic: An Illustrated History and On Board the Titanic. On expeditions with Dr. Robert Ballard, he has descended to the wreck of the Titanic’s sister ship Britannic and to the legendary liner Lusitania. Also a matte painter for Hollywood movies, Mr. Marschall was a historical consultant to James Cameron for the film Titanic.

Hugh Brewster is a Canadian editor and writer. He has collaborated with Ken Marschall on such projects as Exploring the Titanic and On Board the Titanic. He is also the author of Anastasia s Album, the story of the youngest daughter of the last tsar of Russia.

From the Back Cover

Back Cover, Inside the Titanic: A Giant Cutaway Book, 1997

Back Cover, Inside the Titanic: A Giant Cutaway Book, 1997. GGA Image ID # 1104e7c26a

Step on board the world’s largest ship for the most famous voyage of all time...

Frank's room is a tiny third-class cabin. Billy and his family are traveling in o luxurious suite. But both boys are thrilled to be on the first voyage of the greatest liner ever built. And they can’t wait to explore every deck of this fabulous new ship.

Follow two real-life young passengers as they explore the Titanic from top to bottom.

Giant, splendidly accurate cutaways by the world’s leading Titanic artist reveal the huge ship in stunning detail. A showpiece four-page foldout gives the most complete view ever of this floating city at sea. Gripping illustrations oiler a moment-by-moment depiction as the Titanic strikes the icelierg, fills with water and vanishes beneath the ocean.

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