Book of the Titanic - All About History - 2017

Front Cover, Book of the Titanic - All About History, Issue 5, 2017

Front Cover: Book of the Titanic - All About History, Issue 5, 2017. GGA Image ID # 101ff4627a

From the Publisher

Discover the Truth behind the legendary 'Unsinkable' ship in this single issue magazine / soft-cover book published Bookazine Future in 2017. Their primary topics included Building a Pioneering Ship, Life on Board, and Historical Artefacts.

As the Titanic pulled away from the Harland & Wolff shipyard, Belfast in May 1911, she was the largest man-made object ever to be in motion. By the time her maiden voyage began on 10 April, 1912, Titanic was also the most opulent, luxurious ship ever to grace the waves.

Perhaps what grips us most about this story, and what has continued to do so for over a century, is the vast difference between this ship's potential, the expectations of it, and the eventual tragedy that consumed it.

Here you will find the true story behind a tale that has become legendary, from the plans and dimensions from which the ship was born, to the treacherous conditions that would prove its end.

You’ll gain insights into the lives and ordeals of those on board, the aftermath and quest for justice, and the more recent expeditions to inspect and preserve the wreckage of the ship itself.

From the Back Cover

Back Cover: Book of the Titanic - All About History, Issue 5, 2017

Back Cover: Book of the Titanic - All About History, Issue 5, 2017. GGA Image ID # 1020256f3b

How was such an impressive vessel made? Get an insight into plans, images and dimensions

Discover the tragic and miraculous stories about the ship’s passengers and its crew

Take a look at memorabilia from the ship including boarding tickets and blueprints



Section 1: Grand Designs

  • the Age of the Liner
  • the Concept

Section 2: Building Ships

  • Building the Biggest Ships in the World
  • The Glamour of Titanic
  • The Workings of Titanic
  • A New Command

Section 3: The Voyage

  • Premonitions of Disaster
  • Three Departures
  • Ice Ahead
  • The Collision
  • Man the Lifeboats
  • The Band Plays on
  • The Rich, Famous and Unfortunate
  • W. T. Stead
  • The Ship Sinks
  • Afloat in the Middle of the Ocean
  • Rescued
  • The Survivors
  • Heroes of the Titanic

Section 4: Aftermath

  • Covering an International Sensation
  • The Official Inquiries
  • The Californian and the Mystery Ship

Section 5: The Titanic’s Legacy

  • Search and Discovery
  • the Exploration of Titanic
  • Salvage the Unsinkable Ship
  • Titanic Remembered
  • The Enduring Legacy


Publisher Information

  • Title: All About History Book of the Titanic Magazine Issue 6 2017
  • Publisher: Various
  • ASIN: B07B42FD7P

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