Notice of Call and to Appear for Physical Examination - 1917

Notice of Call and to Appear for Physical Examination for Christian Gjenvik, Red Ink Serial Number 548, Lac qui Parle County, Madison, Minnesota, 31 July 1917.

Notice of Call and to Appear for Physical Examination for Christian Gjenvik, Red Ink Serial Number 548, Lac qui Parle County, Madison, Minnesota, 31 July 1917. Gjenvick-Gjønvik Family Documents Collection. GGA Image ID # 1822499298


Board No. 548
Local Board Lac qui Parle County
Address, Madison, Minn
Notice of Call and to Appear for Physical Examination
to Christian Gjenvik
Madison, Minn. R. 4

You are hereby notified that pursuant to the act of Congress approved May 18, 1917, you are called for military service of the United States by the Local Board from among those persons whose registration cards are within the Jurisdiction of this Local Board.
Your Serial Number is 548 and your Order Number is 21.

You will report to the office of this Local Board in Madison, Minnesota, for physical examination on 6 August , 1917, at 8:00 A.M.

Any claim for exemption or discharge must be made on forms which may be procured at the office of the Local Board, and must be filed at the office of this Local Board on or before the SEVENTH day after the date of mailing this notice.

Your attention is called to the penalties for violation or evasion of the Selective Service law, approved May 17, 1917, and the Rules and Regulations made pursuant therein, which penalties are printed on the back hereof.

Local Board Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota

by __________ , Chairman
__________, Clerk
Date of Mailing hereto, 21 July 1917.

Physical Examination

Beginning on such date or dates as the Provost Marshal General shall hereafter fix for the beginning of the physical examination of all or any number or proportion of registrants, and after a registrant has been placed in Class I by a Local Board (regardless of any appeal), the Local Board shall mail to the last known address of any registrant placed in Class 1 a notice (Form 1009, sec. 281. p. 220) to appear for physical examination at a time and place to be designated in said notice (which time shall be five days from the date of the mailing of the notice, unless otherwise ordered by the Provost Marshal General), and shall enter the date of mailing of said notice in column 19 of the Classification List.

Upon appearance of the registrant he shall be examined as provided in Part VIII hereof and in Form 75, and the date Of his examination shall be entered in column 20 of the Classification List. The examining physician shall immediately enter his report and recommendation in triplicate on the report of physical examination (Form 1010, sec. 282, V 227).

The same procedure as to physical examination provided in these regulations for registrants in Class I shall also apply to all registrants who have been placed in a class more deferred than Class I. so soon as the immediately preceding or earlier class has been exhausted by calls into the military service and not before, except as provided in sections 128, 149, and 150.

Note 1.—Whether the examining physician of the Local Board is in doubt or not as to the physical qualification of a registrant for military service he shall nevertheless definitely report the registrant either as qualified or disqualified, and if he is in doubt as to such qualification or disqualification, he may request to have the registrant sent before a Medical Advisory Board or a member or members thereof as prescribed in section 123.

Note 2.—Registrants in Classes II, III, and IV, will not be physically examined except upon general order issued by the Provost Marshal General, or when special call is made for the induction into military service of registrants in such classes, unless under the provisions of section 128.

Note 3.—The entry by the registrant on the Questionnaire of the claim for physical disqualification is not to be construed as a claim from which an appeal lies to the District Board on account of the refusal of the Local Board to classify the registrant in Class V-G. Appeals from classification on physical grounds may be made as provided in sections 122 to 128, inclusive, and not otherwise. (Telegram A-2142, Jan. 3, 1918.)

Note 4.—See sections 141, 142, and 143 for provisions relating to transfer of physical examination, physical examination of registrants residing abroad and physical examination of mariners actually employed on the Great Lakes.

Excerpt from Part D, Section 122: Physical Examination in Selective Service Regulations Prescribed by the President Under the Authority Vested in Him by the Terms of the Slective Service Law (Act of Congress Approved 18 May 1917), Form 990, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1917, pp. 91-92.

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