Important Notice to All Men Selected for Military Service - 1918

Important Notice to All Men Selected for Military Service

Important Notice to All Men Selected for Military Service, Local Board for the County of Richmond, State of North Carolina, Rockingham, NC. PMCO Form 1028A. To be Inclosed with Each Order Into Military Service (Form 1028) Sent to a Slected Man. GGA Image ID # 18da246561


The day and hour specified on the Classification List of this Local Board, and on the order and notice of induction into military service which accompanies this notice for you to report to this Local Board for military duty is the time that marks your actual obligation as a soldier of the United States.

Failure to report promptly at the hour and on the day named is a grave military offense for which you may be court-martialed. Willful failure to report with an intent to evade military service constitutes desertion from the Army of the United States, which, in time of war, is a capital offense.

Upon reporting to your Local Board, you will not need, and you should not bring with you anything except hand baggage. You will not be permitted to take trunks or boxes with you on the train.

You should take only the following articles:
A pair of strong, comfortable shoes to relieve your feet from your new regulation marching shoes;

  • not to exceed four extra suits of underclothing;
  • not to exceed six extra pairs of socks;
  • four face and two bath towels;
  • a comb, a brush, a toothbrush, soap, tooth powder, razor, and shaving soap.

It will add to your comfort to bring one woolen blanket, preferably of dark or neutral color. This blanket should be tightly rolled, the ends of the roll should be securely bound together, and the loop of the blanket thus formed slung from your left shoulder to your right hip.

You should wear rough, strong clothing and a flannel shirt, preferably an olive-drab shirt of the kind issued to soldiers.

Note.—Local Boards may have prepared, in the form of a rubber stamp, and stamp in below or on the back hereof any special instructions such as a direction to request permission to eat and spend the last night at home, as it may desire to give.

Notice of Induction Into Military Service

Immediately upon completion of the selection of men to fill its allotment under any call, the Local Board shall enter in column 24 of the Classification List, after the name of each registrant to be called for entrainment, the day and hour on which the registrant is to report to the Local Board, which day and hour must be not more than 24 nor less than 6 hours in advance of the time set for entrainment.

Immediately upon making such entries in column 24 of the Classification List opposite the name of each such registrant the Local Board shall mail to the last known address of each such registrant an order (Form 1028, sec. 301, p. 250, including Form 102.S-A, sec. 302. p. 25L) to report to the Local Board for military duty at the hour, day, and place specified in said order, which hour and day shall be the same as that stamped or written in column 24 of the Classification List after the- name of such registrant.

Orders to report to a Local Board for military duty shall be issued in amplo time for the selected man to compose his affairs before leaving home.

Note 1.—When a Local Board learns that one of its registrants is in Great Britain or France, it shall, when issuing his induction order (Form 1028), place the date of reporting so far ahead that the registrant will have time to apply for enlistment voluntarily with the American Expeditionary Forces.

After a reasonable time, a Local Board should receive either a certificate indicating that the registrant has so enlisted or a certificate and report of physical examination showing that the registrant has been rejected by the recruiting officer as physically unfit for military service.

If such certificate of enlistment or such certificate and report of physical disqualification is not received within a reasonable time, the Local Board shall report the registrant to the Adjutant General of the Army on form 1018 in the usual manner.

If such certificate of enlistment or such certificate and report of physical disqualification is received, the registrant shall be classified in Class V whether or not the date specified in Form 1028 had passed at the time of the receipt of the certificate of enlistment or the certificate and report of physical disqualification.

Excerpt from "Section 159G. Notice of Induction into Military Service," in The Selective Service System: Its Aims and Accomplishments -- Its Future, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1917, pp. 139-140.

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