Boot Camp Books Wanted: NTC Bainbridge - The Compass

Boot Camp Books Wanted: NTC Bainbridge - The Compass

The following sailors or their families are seeking a replacement book or scans of a section(s) of their company's Compass Graduation Book. If you have this book in your possession, please contact the requestor by email.

We are no longer updating this page but will leave it up indefinitely so that those who have inquired can continue to receive leads.

Note: All Email Addresses should be revised from to It will take additional time to edit as we used an Email obfuscator script where global changes are impossible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Date of Query: Sun 2014-11-16 22:14
    Name: Robert Francella
    Location: Bainbridge
    Company: 199
    Date Graduated: 1951
    Memory of Boot Camp: Im looking for the graduation book
    Contact Email:
    Date of Query: Tue 6/18/2013 21:36
    Name: Billy Mayberry
    Location: Bainbridge
    Company: 050
    Date Graduated: Jan -April 1952
    Memory of Boot Camp:
    Contact Email:


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