Canadian Immigration ID Card - 1939


Canadian Immigration Identification Card - Third Class Passenger -1939 - Front Side

Front Side of a Third Class Passengers' Immigration Identification Card for Canadian Immigrant Rose McMahon on Board the Duchess of York of the Canadian Pacific Line. Stamped by Immigration Office 22 September 1939. The card Provided Information Such as the Name of the Passenger, Steamship Name, Manifest Number Where the Individual Appeared, and Inspection Stamp. GGA Image ID # 1fbc64308e


(Third Class)

Immigration Identification Card

This Card Must Be Shown To The Examining Officer At the Port Of Arrival

Name of Passenger: McMAHON, Rose

Name of Ship: Duchess of York

Her Name appears on Return, sheet 35, line 2

Medical Examination Stamp: None

Civil Examination Stamp: Dominion Government Quebec Immigration Office 22 September 1939 U.A.L.


Back side of Canadian Immigration Identification Card from 1939.

Back Side of Canadian Immigration Identification Card from 1939. It contained the Message, "This Card Should Be Kept Carefully. It Should Be Shown to Government Officials Whenever Required." The Message Was Translated into French, Czech, Slovak, Russian, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish, Italian, and Arabic. GGA Image ID # 1fbc08a256


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