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Camp Grant - The Mess and Birds Eye Views - WW1 Cantonment - 1917

Below are photographs of the mess hall, Army banking ovens, birds eye view of the camp, Base Hospital and Hospital Train and Remount Station and Blacksmith School.

A typical view of mess hall

Photograph 07: A typical view of mess hall in barracks

Army baking ovens

Photograph 08: Army baking ovens, which supply the men with an abundance of fresh bread.

Bird's eye view taken from the axis of Camp Grant

Photograph 09: Bird's eye view taken from the axis of Camp Grant, showing quarters of infantry and artillery; the low buildings being quarters for the officers. (Click on image for larger view)

Base Hospital and Hospital Train

Photograph 10: Base Hospital and Hospital Train, comprising 61 buildings equipped for every emergency. Engineering quarters in the distance.

Remount Station

Photograph 11: Remount Station where 5000 horses and mules can be cared for, to provide mounts and draft animals for Camp Grant division. In connection with the Remount Station is a school for blacksmiths. These buildings cover 15 acres.

View of rifle range

Photograph 12: View of rifle range. Shooting from 300 yard range.

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