SS Hanoverian Archival Collection


Hanoverian (1882) Allan Line

Built by Wm. Doxford & Sons, Ltd., Sunderland, England. Tonnage: 3,603. Dimensions: 366' x 41'. Propulsion: Single-screw, 11 knots. Compound engines. Masts and Funnels: Three masts and one funnel. Iron hull. Maiden voyage: Glasgow-Quebec-Montreal, May 25, 1882. Fate: Wrecked on coast of Newfoundland, September 2, 1885, with no loss of life.


Hanoverian (1902) Leyland Line (British)

Built by Hawthorn, Leslie & Co., Newcastle, England. Tonnage: 13,507. Dimensions: 582' x 60'. Propulsion: Twin-screw, 15 knots. Triple expansion engines. Masts and Funnels: Four masts and one funnel. Renamed: (a) Mayflower (1903), (b) Cretic (1903), Devonian (1923).


1901-10-05 Passenger List for the SS Devonian

1902-08-23 SS Hanoverian Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: Leyland Line
  • Class of Passengers: Saloon
  • Date of Departure: 23 August 1902
  • Route: Liverpool to Boston
  • Commander: Captain G. W. Muir