Design from Scandinavia, No. 13

Front Cover - Design from Scandinavia, No. 13

Bjerregaard, Kirsten, Ed., Design from Scandinavia, No. 13,  © 1984 World Pictures, Frederiksberg, Denmark, Soft cover, 160 Pages, ISSN 0108-0695.

Each Year, Design from Scandinavia unfolds an exhibition in pictures of the best and latest products and shows the interplay of these objects in a setting and a lifestyle. This issue includes all Nordic countries - Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.


Back Cover - Design from Scandinavia, No. 13

The workshop has always been the cradle of the Scandinavian industry. Ulf Hard of Segerstad, one of Scandinavia's leading design writers, sets the theme of this issue 4-7.

And we present some of these trendsetting firms and designers 8-32.

Furniture made by individual craftsmen may lead, but the industry is not far behind. A presentation from the 1984 Scandinavian Furniture Fair and Scandinavian Trade Mart is just how close it is seen, where we visit some permanent showrooms 33-50.

Architects Friis and Moltke have a very individual profile in Danish design. Professor architect Yannos Politis gives readers his analysis of this growing influence 51-57.

We are particularly pleased to introduce Iceland's textiles and furniture 58-60.

Denmark's industry watchdog, Danish Furniture makers' Quality Control, has now completed 25 years of growling at the furniture makers. Here are some classics and new items which have appeared during its lifetime 61-81.

Norway is a vital force in Scandinavian design, with a highly sophisticated industry and interest in the interior, which has led to the formation of IT-Sentret. 82-93.

The center is described by interior designer Rannveig Getz and illustrated with company exhibits 94-101.

Sweden has its permanent design center too. Bertil Arvidson, head of information for the Swedish furniture industry, presents this home for the contract market and adds some striking new furnishings in Stockholm 102-129.

World Pictures has developed new ways to provide more information about Scandinavian interiors and design 130-131 and went to Kenya to photograph UN's new administrative center near Nairobi, largely furnished from Scandinavia 132-139.

Finally, World Pictures introduces some products with a special story 140-144.

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