Design from Scandinavia, No. 12

Front Cover - Design from Scandinavia, No. 12

Bjerregaard, Kirsten, Ed., Design from Scandinavia, No. 12, © 1983 World Pictures, Frederiksberg, Denmark, Soft cover, 144 Pages, ISSN 0108-0695.

Each Year, Design from Scandinavia unfolds an exhibition in pictures of the best and latest products and shows the interplay of these objects in a setting and a lifestyle. This issue includes all Nordic countries - Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.


Scandinavian Design is alive and well and vibrant, with new ideas that are bursting at the seams. The current crop of new products and designs sets the theme for this edition of Design from Scandinavia. The recent developments are to be found in both industrial design and the more individual products of the applied art sector. In graphic design, ceramics, and garments, the Scandinavians show an inventiveness that matches their flair for furniture and interiors. Look into the exhibitions, visit the workshops and some of the stores.

Finnish imagery and flourish have always been the foundation for that country's unique design profile. Always innovators in furniture, the Finns have also produced striking new results in clothing and tableware.

The usual blend of Danish products, with their fine traditions and sure touch, has been combined with high-tech to yield a new and fascinating group of objects.

The solid foundation remains furniture in all four countries, and this is made abundantly clear at the Scandinavian Trade Mart, as it was during the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in May.

KIT-furniture reached the Swedish market for cheaper furniture very early - they may even have been the first. The idea has been taken up everywhere since. Read about Swedish KIT furniture and the new showcase design center in the little Swedish town Ahus and the companies who have gathered there.

Above all, the Fair gave convincing proof that Norway's furniture manufacturers are eager to test and market the best of the flood of local experimental design.

A look at the Danish Furniture Manufacturers' Association, then we present a broad range of Danish furniture.

The latest in textiles and carpets are on Pages 101-111.

And we see examples of Scandinavian skills in building and furnishing. You can meet Scandinavian products all over the world.

Finally, a word about obtaining further information on the products presented here, and about our DESIGN-publications.

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