Invincible CAL Boats Do It Again (1969)

Invincible Cal Boats Do It Again (1969)

Invincible Cal boats do it again!

Sweep Honolulu Race for the Third Consecutive Year

  • 1st OA ... CAL 40 ... Argonaut
  • 2nd OA ... CAL 37 ... Quasar
  • 3rd OA ... CAL 40 ... Vivant
  • 4th OA ... CAL 40 ... Curioso

In an amazing display of consistency, Jensen Marine's CAL boats scored a clean sweep in the 1969 Honolulu race, finishing First, Second and Third Overall and dominating every class they entered. Seven out of the first ten boats overall were CAL boats ...

Again, for the third consecutive time, the amazing CAL 40 ran away from the competition to score another impressive Overall win.

The winning CAL 40 ARGONAUT was closely followed by QUASAR, a CAL 37, and VIVANT, another CAL 40, to complete the clean sweep.

SALACIA, a CAL 48, won Class B; ARGONAUT, QUASAR, and VIVANT swept Class C, while INTREPID II, a CAL 37, and PLEIADES, a CAL 36, finished an impressive second and third, respectively, in Class D.

This year's Los Angeles-to-Honolulu Trans-Pacific Race was the roughest and most competitive in the history of the 2250-mile event.

Gale-force winds and huge seas lashed the 73-boat fleet, disabling many of the boats and causing numerous equipment failures. However, CAL 40 ARGONAUT, like the two previous winning CAL 40's, came through unscathed.

Cal Boats by Jensen Marine

Winning skipper Jon Andron said, "Our ride was great; we surfed her mile after mile in big seas, and always had perfect control . . . We didn't lose a single piece of gear."

The consistency and durability of the incredible CAL boats are no fluke. Lapworth-designed CAL boats have been steamrollering competition since the first CAL 24 was built in 1959.

It's the design genius of Bill Lapworth and superb engineering, craftsmanship, and skill that goes into every boat that produces winning CAL boats year after year.

The proven Lapworth "CAL fast" formula is often imitated but never equaled. Light displacement hull, long waterline, spade rudder, and proper displacement distribution are what make CAL boats the winningest boats in the world.

This year's 73-boat fleet was loaded with custom-designed "gold platers"; and yet in the heat of tough competition, the Lapworth / Jensen combination proved unbeatable again.

We at Jensen Marine are proud of our winning boats in the Trans-Pac, but no more so than the rest of our winning boats from 20 to 48 feet.

If you want to beat a CAL boat, then you should be sailing one. See your local Jensen Marine dealer for more information on the winningest boats in the world, or drop us a note and we'll send you full details.



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