CAL 46-III Offshore Liveaboard Cruiser

Roomy Main Cabin on the CAL 46-III

Too many of today's deep-water cruisers look -- and handle -- like boats designed in the 1870s.

Heavy displacement double-enders. Deep keeled sloops and ketches with low and massive rigs. Boats that disregard almost everything that yacht designers have learned from modem ocean-racing.

But now there's an offshore cruising sailboat that takes advantage of a century of design: A light-displacement passagemaker. The Cal 46-III.

The Safety of Light Displacement

The CAL 46-III weighs 15 tons. Hefty for a coastwise cruiser. But light for an offshore boat. So she rises over massive ocean rollers like a modem ocean racer, instead of wallowing in the troughs. She rides with a breaking storm wave, instead of stopping dead in its path.

Hand layed-up fiberglass construction, generous structural bulkheads make her sinewy and tough. And Bill Lapworth's sea kindly design makes her fast enough to run before a storm.

The keel is extraordinarily long, to help her track. And it only draws five feet, which is unusual for a 46-footer. A balanced spade rudder helps her answer surely to her helm.

Two Easy To Handle Rigs

The sail plans were designed for a couple to manage at sea. The sloop rig is tall for a blue water cruiser but massively stayed for strength. With a big foretriangle and tall main for drive to weather.

She also comes as a ketch, for easy balance with any combination of sails. In any wind. And everything is inboard, too, so sails don't have to be handled from a pitching bowsprit.

A Liveaboard Cruiser

Her beamy hull and substantial deckhouse give the CAL 46-III remarkable room below, even for a 46-footer. Not just room for guests (though she comfortably sleeps seven, in three private cabins), but space for an engine room you can walk around in like an enormous lazarette.

Space for a chart table, two heads with showers, and a workbench, space to stow the gear, supplies, and tools that make a cruiser into a self-sufficient passagemaker.

Long, Shallow Keel Built for Speed

Practical Luxury

The only thing old-fashioned about the CAL 46-III is the standard of her finish and her joinery, but most of her woodwork is kept sensibly below. Protected from the elements.

She's not festooned with bogus wooden railings and scroll boards. And she doesn't need a professional crew to keep her up.

Ocean Crossing Potential

The CAL 46-III was built for distance. A 4-236 85hp Perkins diesel and tanks for 150 gallons of fuel provide a steady 8-knot cruising speed. A cruising range of 800 miles under power alone.

The CAL 46-III will also cruise at an honest 8 knots under sail. In fact, the Class Association informs us that at least five CAL 46's have started voyages around the world.

CAL 46-III Offshore Livaboard Cruiser

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