CAL 34-III: An Innovative Cruiser Built To Tough, Traditional Standards (1978)

The 1978 CAL 34-III: Innovative Cruiser Built To Tough, Traditional Standards

The acid test of a cruising boat hasn't changed over the years. It's still how she performs at sea.

That's why a CAL -- unlike some competitive boats -- is still built first for sailing. And why Bill Lapworth, our designer, doesn't sacrifice performance for his cruisers' roomy cabins.

The CAL 34-III yacht is an offshore boat -- designed to handle offshore weather. A cruiser built to keep you comfortable even on a punishing daylong beat to windward.

Unlike many cruising boats, the CAL 34-III will sail close to the wind. She has the speed that all of Lapworth's boats are known for. And she doesn't need her engine every time the wind goes light.

Cal 34-III An Innovative Cruiser

At CAL we haven't forgotten what a sailing yacht should look like.

Which is why the CAL 34-111 yacht has a rich, traditional, teak cabin, with an offshore cruiser's graceful sheer.

We also know a real cruiser has to be a self-sufficient boat. A boat a family can live on.

That's why we fitted her with the storage space that's needed on a 34-footer. Why we opted for a two cabin layout that is high on privacy. And put the Cal's big galley aft, where the motion of the boat is easiest when she's underway.

The CAL 34-III yacht is built for more than weekend cruising. If this kind of cruising boat appeals to you, send in the coupon below.

The CAL 34-III Yacht Below Decks with Traditional Teak Paneled Cabin

CAL 34-111 belowdecks: The traditional teak-paneled cabin of a classic off shore cruiser.

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