Announcing the CAL Sail-Away-Now Program. (1972)

Jensen Marine CAL Sail-Away-Now Program. 1972 Print Advertisement.

There will never be a better time for you to save a lot of money on a completely outfitted boat.

From now until February 1 you can get the CAL boat of your choice.

You can get it fully equipped with sail-away features such as pulpits and lifelines, safety gear, a complete suit of sails, and other extra equipment.

And you can get it at a tremendous savings.

The CAL Sail-Away-Now Program ends February 1. Contact your dealer immediately for complete details.

Just think. Come spring, you won't have any fitting out to do.

The CAL T/2 Yacht - Docked at the Marina Clubhouse

CAL T/2: Now save $1179.

CAL 27 Yacht Sailing on the Open Seas

CAL 27: Now save $1170.

The CAL 29 Yacht out on a cruise

CAL 29: Now, save $1320.

The CAL T/4 Enjoying a gentle ride on the open sea

CAL T/4: Now save $719.

The CAL 39 Yacht Out On A Cruise

CAL 39: Now save $1934.

The CAL 33 Yacht Sailing on the Open Seas

CAL 33: Now save $1628.


CAL boats have won more yacht races than any other boats in the world.

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