CAL 40 Yacht: Deluxe Express to Hawaii (1969)

The Cal 40 Yacht Out Cruising the Islands of Hawaii

With two Hawaii race victories in two tries, the CAL 40 Yacht is indeed the fastest, surest way to win this summer's Transpac -- or the Bermuda Race, or the SORC. You see, the CAL 40 has won them all -- twice.

Only now you can win in more comfort, more style, more luxury than ever before. We have incorporated a deluxe interior into CAL 40 Yacht.

CAL 40 Yacht - Deluxe Express to Hawaii. 1978 Print Advertisement.

It includes fully trimmed bulkheads, ceilings and cabinets: multi-coat varnish finishes on all the interior mahogany:louvered doors, plush padding, storage racks, drapery tracks, overhead hand rails, and a gimballed tray above the folding table, and much, much more.

And it's all standard now, included in the full price of $28,545.

If it seems to pamper your racing crew too much, you can always send them topside.

If you are not racing to Hawaii, but would rather pamper your wife, take her down to any Jensen dealer and show her the fabulous CAL 40 Yacht with its new deluxe interior. Meantime, write for our complete brochure.

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View of the Main Cabin on the CAL 40 Yacht

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