CAL 2-27: A Cruising Classic. Not A Racing Has-Been. (1977)

Cruising on the Open Waters with a CAL 2-27 Yacht

The CAL 2-27 isn't last year's unsuccessful racing boat.

We built the CAL 2-27 yacht to do one thing only —but to do it superbly well: To cruise with a family crew on board.

CAL 2-27: A Cruising Classic Yacht - 1977 Print Advertisement.

That's why the most exciting thing about her is the way she sails. Not how well she rates for handicap racing. Or how rakish she looks at dockside.

The CAL 2-27 yacht is fast — on any point of sail. She doesn't die if the wind is light. Or knuckle under in a blow. But she doesn't have a racer's skittish helm or hard-to-manage sail plan.

And she isn't a menace in a crowded anchorage or when maneuvering in a narrow slip. In fact, you'll often want to sail her in, just for the pleasure of it.

Simplicity below

Below, the 2-27 yacht has a cruiser's cabin: Simple. Light and airy. Easy to keep clean. And accented with fine teak joinery.

Cruising with a few friends on the CAL 2-27 Yacht

There are bunks for four to sleep in comfort. And cabin room for four to live in peace. There's a galley that really works at sea. And a head compartment that's truly private.

We didn't waste your money on racing gadgets or bits of "character" trim. Instead we concentrated on the things that make a sailboat easier to live with. On drawers and cabinets that close. Fittings that hold when you depend on them. Materials that last.

Even cruising under spinnaker, the CAL 2-27 yacht can be easily handled by a family crew.

CAL built the 2-27 for adult sailors who know what they want. If this is the sort of boat that appeals to you, send in the coupon below.

CAL Information Center
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Marlboro, N.J. • Costa Mesa, Cal.

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