CAL 33: Advanced Racing Yacht (1973)

Cal 33 New SORC Record

She Promised To Be A Winner. She Delivered. New Record in SORC's St. Pete - Ft. Lauderdale Race.

The new CAL 33 has been racing just a few short months. She has already run up a most impressive record in the most fiercely competitive events in the country.

First in class and second overall in the Whitney Series, with two outright overall wins.

First in class and first overall in the Cabo San Lucas race. Second in class in the SORC.

With an impressive first overall and a new all-time record for corrected time in the SORC's St. Petersburg to Ft. Lauderdale race. And she has just begun to fight.

Cal 33 a winning yacht with a roomy interior

The design of the CAL 33 is extremely advanced without being radical. Her waterline length of 27'/2 feet gives her an enormous speed for a 33 foot boat.

She's quite beamy and carries a very tall rig. Her new raked keel is short and deep and-her entry is very fine for high performance to windward. Her big rudder fairs into a skeg for downwind directional stability.

The all-new interior of the CAL 33 is exceptionally roomy and finished to perfection. It's a most luxurious place to live during a long race or an extended cruise — a delight to the traditional sailor.

The CAL 33 is thirty-three feet of very winning boat. Just like she promised to be. See her for yourself. Stop by your Jensen Marine dealer. And write for our free color brochure.


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CAL Boats have won more yacht races than any other boats in the world.

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