Jensen Marine's CAL 34 Yacht - Win in Comfort (1969)

Enjoy a relaxing cruise on a Cal 34 Yacht

If you want to win in comfort … sail a Cal 34!

Of all the Cal boats, the CAL 34 offers perhaps the best combination of "Cal fast" performance and luxurious cruising accommodations.

Jensen  Marine's Cal 34 - Win in Comfort Print Advertisement from 1969

The CAL 34 just won Class D in the Ensenada Race to add to her long list of racing trophies.

Bill Lapworth designed the CAL 34 along the lines of the fabulous CAL 40.

The CAL 34 has the same hard bilges, the same light displacement and long waterline, and the same spade rudder for superb control.

A powerful masthead sail plan gives her plenty of "go" power.

Below decks, the CAL 34 is roomier than most 40 footers, with complete accommodations for 6. Full headroom in both cabins, a huge dinette, large galley with ice box, enclosed head, and a fantastic amount of storage space.

She's built of hand laid up fiberglass with aluminum spars and stainless rigging. Her Atomic 4 drives her along at 6+ knots.

Main Salon showing the galley and dining areas

See our comfortable winner at your Jensen dealer's, or write for our new CAL 34 brochure.

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