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1969 Take the new CAL 21 Yacht out for a quick launch

Take the New CAL 21 Yacht out for a Quick Launch (1969)

CAL boats the most successful racing-cruising boats in the world. Like the bigger ocean racers, the CAL 21 is self-righting and self-bailing.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-013-1969-BW-AD


1970 The New CAL 21 Sailboat: Loaf along at 50 knots. Or cruise at 5.

The New CAL 21 Sailboat: Loaf Along at 50 Knots, or Cruise at 5 (1970)

Loaf along at 50 knots to your most successful racing/cruising favorite cruising grounds. You can explore new lakes, bays, and harbors every weekend -- in the new CAL 21.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-014-1970-BW-AD


CAL 25: a Winner Every Way You Look at Her

CAL 25: a Winner Every Way You Look at Her (1967)

The CAL 25 is fast -- CAL fast -- so she wins more than her share of races. But even when she's not racing, she's still a winner.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-005-1967-BW-AD


1977 CAL presents the second generation compact cruiser in the CAL 25

CAL Presents the Second Generation Compact Cruiser in the Cal 25 (1977)

Our new CAL 25 is built to give you big-boat cruising capability -- headroom, head and optional diesel engine -- and still retains the easy handling of a compact 25-foot boat.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-036-1977-C-AD


1979 The CAL 25 Yacht by Jensen Marine

The CAL 25 Yacht by Jensen Marine (1979)

The peace of mind that comes from knowing this 25-footer will perform handsomely. And years later, your CAL 25 will probably be worth more than what you paid for her.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-048-1979-C-AD


1977 CAL 2-27: A cruising classic. Not a racing has-been.

CAL 2-27: A Cruising Classic. Not a Racing Has-Been (1977)

The CAL 2-27 yacht is fast — on any point of sail. She doesn't die if the wind is light. Or knuckle under in a blow. But she doesn't have a racer's skittish helm or hard-to-manage sail plan.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-037-1977-C-AD


1973 CAL 29 Yacht: fast enough to win, big enough to enjoy, small enough to afford.

CAL 29 Yacht: Fast Enough to Win, Big Enough to Enjoy, Small Enough to Afford (1973)

The CAL 29 Yacht is big. She offers complete accommodations for six, with full standing headroom in both main and forward cabins.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-023-1973-C-AD


1973 CAL 29: How Lapworth unwinds on weekends

CAL 29: How Lapworth Unwinds on Weekends (1973)

When Bill Lapworth gets away from his design board, it's to campaign his CAL 29, Merrydown. Hard.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-027-1973-C-AD


1973 The new CAL 29 Yacht: Built especially for the cruising sailor

The New CAL 29 Yacht: Built Especially for the Cruising Sailor (1973)

If you're a cruising sailor who doesn't like to waste time, see the new CAL 29 yacht. Your CAL dealer has one in the water waiting for you.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-028-1973-C-AD


1973 New half ton CAL T/2 Yacht: already a proven winner

New half ton CAL T/2 Yacht: already a proven winner (1973)

Bill Lapworth knew what he was doing when he sat down to design a new boat to bring home the silverware from international Half Ton races.

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-025-1973-C-AD


1972 New Quarter Ton CAL T/4

New Quarter Ton CAL T/4 (1972)

The CAL T/4 looks and feels as good as she goes. Her roomy two-cabin interior is exquisitely finished in mahogany or optional teak. She has berths for four including an enclosed head...

GG Archives REF: BPCJM-021-1972-C-AD


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