Take the New CAL 21 Yacht out for a Quick Launch (1969)

Launching a CAL 21 Is Easy

From trailing to sailing — in just 15 minutes! Any beach ramp and 12 inches of water are all you need.

With her fully retractable keel and specially hinged mast, the new CAL 21 sailboat is designed for easy and carefree trailering by today's modern sailing family.

And, she'll double as a camper on the road!

Take the new CAL 21 out for a quick launch. 1969 Print Advertisement.

Underway, the powerful Sail Plan and big 360 pound keel provide the kind of performance that have made CAL boats the most successful racing-cruising boats in the world.

Like the bigger ocean racers, the CAL 21 is self-righting and self-bailing.

The "rich" mahogany trimmed interior sleeps four, with room for two more in the big cockpit, and there's space for a marine head and galley range.

This great sailing package, including trailer, costs less than most cars.

See your JENSEN dealer for a free quick launch demonstration, or drop us a note and we will send you a special color booklet illustrating the easy sail-to-trail features.

View of Cabin in Cal 21

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