Jensen Marine Full Six Month Warranty (1978)

Jensen Marine Boat Warranty - No Fine Print

Introducing the first boat warranty with no fine print.

Buy any new Jensen Marine sailboat, and you'll get one of these amazing warranties absolutely free.

It's called the Jensen Marine Full Six Month Warranty. And in addition to its unprecedented fixing power its the first new-boat warranty with no fine print.

What that really means is during those first, critical six months of shaking down and tuning up your new CAL or Jensen, all defects in materials, factory-installed hardware and even workmanship are thoroughly covered.

There are only two minor exceptions. The engine and the refrigeration equipment (if any). And they're covered by their individual manufacturer's warranty.

It's just that simple. No sea of fine print and disclaimers to decipher. Just plain and simple language that's easy to understand. The first time you read it.

Our new full warranty even makes it easier on your dealer. Because he doesn't have to second-guess what's covered. Or waste time waiting for suppliers to react. And that means you'll get things fixed promptly -- and get things fixed right.

At Jensen Marine, we've been building better sailboats for over 15 years. Now we've built a better warranty -- the Jensen Marine Full Six Month Warranty

It's by far, the best way to end any shake-ups after the shakedowns.

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Costa Mesa, California 92626

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