Sailing Schedules for 1884


Sailing schedules for 1884 typically outline the departure and arrival times and the routes taken by ships during their voyages. These schedules serve as vital information for passengers, allowing them to plan their journeys effectively.


Back Cover for a Saloon Class Passenger List for the SS City of Rome of the Anchor Line Dated 23 August 1884.

Sailing Schedule, SS City of Rome Passenger List, 23 August 1884. GGA Image ID # 15b76cfaec

  • Ships: Anchoria, Austral, Bolivia, Circassia, City of Rome, Devonia, Ethiopia, and Furnessia
  • Steamship Line(s): Anchor Steamship Line
  • Sailing Date Range: 23 August 1884 to 18 October 1884
  • Ports (Westbound): Liverpool, Queenstown (Cobh),New York
  • Ports (Eastbound): New York, Liverpool
  • Ports (Alternate):
  • Fares (Express Service, Liverpool & New York): Saloon Fare 12 to 25 Guineas; Intermediate 7 Guineas; Steerage 4 Guineas.
  • Fares (Glasgow & New York): Saloon Fare 12, 14, and 16 Guineas; Second Cabin 7 Guineas; Steerage £4 4s.
  • Note: The above magnificent steamships have unsurpassed accommodation for all passengers of all classes.
  • Notice: To Obviate the risk of collision, lessen the ordinary dangers of Navigation, and ensure Finer Weather, the Owners of the "Anchor" Line have adopted LT Maury's system of Separate Steam Lane Routes for Outward and Homeward Passages of their Atlantic Steamers, whereby the most Southerly Route practicable will be regularly maintained throughout all seasons of the year.
  • Anchor Line HQ: Henderson Brothers, 17, Water Street, Liverpool.



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