Deck Wind Shelter for Steamship Passengers' Comfort

The North German Lloyd has just adopted for their express steamers an ingenious invention, by means of which any number of substantial wind shelters can be provided on deck at a few minutes notice, an addition to passengers' comfort which is certain to be appreciated. 

One of the first things a traveler gives his attention to on arriving on board is to the position of his chair on deck.  The configuration of deckhouses is generally modified with a view to providing one or two cozy recesses.  These favored positions, however, are necessarily few; and the majority of the passengers have to incur the full blast of the wind, which, with steamers going a speed of over twenty knots, necessitates a good deal of wrapping up.

By means of this invention, the number of cozy corners is practically unlimited, and this immense increase in comfort is provided without in any way permanently encumbering the deck, for when not in use, the shelter is stowed away with the greatest facility, while remaining ready for use at a moment's notice.

The arrangement chiefly consists in providing removable transverse walls which may be conveniently placed between one deck -- say the promenade deck -- and the transverse girders or beams of the deck above it.  The walls can be made of wood or similar material or canvas mounted upon a suitable framework.  In such cases the lower edges of the walls are provided with pins which engage corresponding recesses in the girders of the deck above by means of bolts and thumb nuts or in some other suitable manner.

If desired, the protective walls may be in the form of canvas sheets, in which case they are stretched by means of ropes between suitable eyes, cleats, or the like secured to the deck girders and to the deck.

Source: The North German Lloyd Bulletin, Page 2, Vol. XXII, No. 3, September 1906, New York and Bremen

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