SS Galilea Archival Collection

Ephemera for the SS Galilea available may include Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Sailing Schedules, Route Maps, Photographs, and more.

The passenger liner SS Pilsa was initially built by the San Rocco shipyard of Trieste for the Adriatica Società Anonima di Navigazione. It was sold in 1935 and renamed Galilea.

The Twin-Screw steamship had a displacement of 8,040 tons, length 443 2/3 feet, width 53 feet 2 inches, and was capable of cruising at 13.5 knots. The cabin class ship carried 47 first-class and 148 second-class passengers.

Lloyd Triestino Tourist Class Passage Ticket for a Voyage on the SS Galilea, Departing from Trieste for Haifa Dated 11 September 1936.

SS Galilea Passage Certificate - 11 September 1936

Tourist Class Passage Ticket for a voyage from Trieste to Haifa on the SS Galilea of Lloyd Triestino dated 11 September 1936 for one adult male, assigned cabin no. 399 for this trip across the Mediterranean Sea.