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Brochures of World War II

Publications about World War II and the US participation in the war -- Our brochures cover all military branches, military recruits, Naval reserves, ships, transports, servicewomen, and much more.

Our Navy in World War II - 1945

Front Cover, Our Navy: The United States Navy in 1945 Brochure.

Illustrated discussion of the US Navy and our "two-ocean" Fleet, capable of protecting our coasts and combat-ready in either or both oceans. The Fleet is the heart of the Navy. All shore establishments, bases, auxiliary craft, and bureaus exist only to serve the Fleet.

The Base Force - Our Navy in WW2 - 1945

Map of Major Existing Naval Bases, Other Bases, or Patrol Outposts.

Naval power does not lie in ships and planes alone, but in a combination of Men, Ships and Planes, and Bases. Bases are as vital to our National Defense as are the actual fighting ships of our Fleet.

The Battle Force - Our Navy in WW2 - 1945

Aircraft Carriers. Our Navy, 1945.

The Battleship remains the backbone of the Fleet. The floating airport is logically called an Aircraft Carrier. Many light and heavy Cruisers and Destroyers are torpedo carriers, gun carriers, and depth charge carriers.

The Scouting Force - Our Navy in WW2 - 1945

Submarines. Our Navy, 1945.

Planes are today an essential element of Sea Power. Modern Submarines are primarily designed to travel beneath the surface, employed both with the fleet or alone. Auxiliary combat craft includes Torpedo boats, Minelayers, Minesweepers, Gunboats, Patrol Vessels of numerous types, and Submarine Chasers. Torpedo Bomber, Fighter, Scout, and Patrol planes are essential to the US Navy.


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