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GG Archives Maritime Awards

GG Archives Maritime Awards

These are the Maritime Web Awards earned by the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives for their outstanding historical maritime archives. Our Ocean Travel section is one of the most popular on our site.

'Gold Nautical Award' - Lagoon View Yacht Club

Gold Nautical Award

What a magnificent website. Excellent design, content, and ease of navigation. A historical asset to the Maritime Community. Accordingly, I am pleased to award your site with our 'Gold Nautical Award'.

Nautical Awards Program
Lagoon View Yacht Club
AS! 3.5; UWSAG 3.0; IWARA 3.0;
EUTODA 3.0; Olympic 2.0; WA 1.0


ÐOVA Maritime Award 2005

ÐOVA Maritime Award

18 Aug 2005: Congratulations you won the ÐOVA Maritime Award.

I have reviewed your web page and was interesting in reading about the collection at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives from the extensive brochures to the documents collection and large passenger lists data. Congratulations on a detailed archive.




History Award, 30 May 2003

RMS Titanic Historical Award of Excellence

Hello Paul!

Congratulations! You have won my historical site award. I must say that you have a terrific site and I have enjoyed visiting it. The maritime section is very informative and I can tell that you have put forth a great deal of time and effort to research.

By the way, I've enjoyed the other aspects that your site has to offer, especially the section on "Psalmodikon." Very interesting. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

Your friend,


Gold Award, PakistaniMaritime Web Awards 30 May 2003

GOLD Pakistani Maritime Web Award

Hello Paul K. Gjenvick,

We appreciate the opportunity to review and evaluate your website. It is an honor to consider your site for the PakistaniMaritime Web Awards.

We are delighted and honored to award your website the GOLD PakistaniMaritime Web Award.

The PakistaniMaritime Web Awards have been initiated to encourage those creating web sites which intend to promote the maritime industry on the internet to the general public and provide useful information for the other segments of the maritime community.

Successful award winners demonstrate, meet and exceed the following criteria:

  • Maritime industry related content
  • Error free coding for most browsers
  • Choice of colors
  • Arrangement of graphics
  • Minimal loading time with respect to page content and
  • Quality of content.

The PakistaniMaritime web Awards are not given away to every applicant, rather granting of the gold award is very selective and the requirements include, though not limited to, comprehensive maritime content online for general public as well as for the benefit of the industry blended with excellence in web design skills and motives behind the online presence. We enjoyed surfing your site, and we are sure everybody else will too. It is with great pleasure that we give you the PakistaniMaritime Gold Web Award.

Congratulations ! Thank you again for submitting your website and for helping to promote the maritime world on the world wide web.

Qaisar Qayyum

for PakistaniMaritime Web Awards


Gold Site Maritime Web Award

Maritime Web Award Gold Site

Wow !! What an informative website. We have only begun to scratch the surface of your website, but it is already clear that there has been a huge effort in collating the vessel details and even ...passenger lists, we have no choice but to grant your site our GOLD award, congratulations and thanks for providing such thorough information, which must be of great help to those in America seeking to trace their roots. Thank you again for submitting your website and for helping to promote the historic maritime world to the general public in a positive and educational light.


The Ocean Liner Resource Award

The Ocean Liner Resource Award

12 May 2003 The Ocean Liner Resource Award... As for your application, your site is of course more than qualified as a winner! The steamship section offers an immense wealth of pictorial material, which I am sure many of my site visitors will be delighted to explore!

Please find attached to this e-mail a jpeg version of the award graphic. Feel free to display it wherever you think appropriate on your site. Also, please let me know once you have done so, and I will then go ahead and add you to our Award Hall of Fame.

Best regards from Sweden

Henrik Ljungström, Webmaster


"A voyage to times gone by"


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