Yank Weekly: The Flat-Top - 1945-04-06

Scenes On A World War II Era Aircraft Carrier

Cpl. Lon Wilson, YANK cameraman in the Pacific, took these pictures aboard a carrier which was part of a fast task force attacking Indo-China and Tokyo.

More Scenes on a World War II Aircraft Carrier

Scenes on a World War II Aircraft Carrier

Top Photograph

Back from Tokyo, A Navy Fighter, An F6F, Lands on the Wet Deck as Another One Comes in Behind it at Right

Bottom Row (LR)

Most of those who flew away come back but some of them paid a tough price. Here a wounded officer is being lowered on a stretcher from the island to the flight deck.

Pilots who have just returned from strikes stop to answer some questions for Air Combat Intelligence Officers before leaving the flight deck of the carrier.

Scenes on a World War II Aircraft Carrier

More Scenes on a World War II Aircraft Carrier

Top Row (L-R)

On the way to Tokyo some of the crew members get together for a game of basketball The court is an elevator that lifts planes from the hangar deck

This is scrubday on the carrier, and a line of men work their way down a section of the deck. The size of a carrier's deck being what it is, this is no easy detail

Middle Row (L-R)

This man dressed in foul-weather gear, is loading ammunition into the wing gun of an F6F.

The carrier's Guns blast at a sleve towed behind a plane during practice firing en route to Tokyo.

That grin was a promise of things to come. The bomb he handles was last seen blowing up a piece of Tokyo.

Bottom Row (L-R)

Air-crewmer gather around as Shelton Garner ACRM marks up o" the blackboard the names of the pilots who are to fly the strike the following day.

The carrier s somewhere in the waters oF Japan ond the da> is cold and overcast as the planes on the flight deck v*arm the*r motors before taking oF for Tokyo.


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