YANK Magazine, World War II, 6 April 1945

Front Cover - YANK Magazine, World War II, 6 April 1945

This Week's Cover
This is 1st Lt. Elizobeth Boborcik of New Cumberland, Ohio, now stationed on the Western Front. In the service for 19 months, she is one of thousands who rate very high with GIs for their work.

Nearing the end of World War II, The 6 April 1945 Issue of YANK features a story on the Ninth Army's Break-Trough to the Rhine.

Selected Articles and Photographs

  1. Roer to RhineBy Sgt. Ralph G. Martin
  2. IWO:D+8 By Sgt. Bill Reed
  3. Yanks at Home and Abroad
  4. Why Ain't They in Uniform By CpI. Hyman Goldberg
  5. 10th Mountain Division By Cpl. George Barrett
  6. Burma Hermits By Sgt. Walter Peters
  7. People On The Home Front By Pfc. Debs Myers
  8. The Reconversion of Sgt. McDougall By S/Sgt. Gordon Crowe
  9. Scenes On A World War II Era Aircraft Carrier - The Flat-Top
  10. Cindy Garner YANK Pin-up Girl
  11. Army Camp News - April 1945

YANK Is published weekly by the enlisted men of the U. S. Army and is for sale only to those in the armed services. Stories, features, pictures and other material from YANK may be reproduced if they are not restricted by law or military regulations, provided proper credit is piven, release dates are observed and specific prior permission has been granted for each item to be reproduced. Entire contents copyrighted. 1945. by Col. Franklin S. Fersberg and reviewed by U. S. military censors.

PHOTO CREDITS. Cover—Sgt. Reg Kenny. 2—Top. Signal Corps; lower. IN P. 3—Acme. 4—Upper. Signal Corps: others. Aeme. 6—Left. CpI. Lon Wilson; right. INP. 7—Pvt. George Aarons. 8—Sgt. Donald Breimhurst. 9—Left. Sgt. Breimhurst: right, Pfe. Werner Wolff. 10 L II—Sgt. Marvin Kirsten. Signal Corps. 12 & 13—CpI. Wilson. 15—Upper left. Signal Corps; upper right. Pueblo Ordnance Depot; lower right. WD BPR WAC Group. IS—Chicago Sun. 20—Selznick International. 21—Pvt. Aarons. 23—Aeme.


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