Cutter Laboratory's Mixed Vaccine for Influenza Pandemic - 1918

The Cutter Laboratory Advertisement for a Mixed Vaccine Respiratory Infections as a Prophylactic Against Influenza

The Cutter Laboratory Advertisement for a Mixed Vaccine Respiratory Infections as a Prophylactic Against Influenza widely published during the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic. GGA Image ID # 15055756c7

One of San Francisco's Best Known Physicians Said:

"I have used between 700 and 800 doses of The Cutter Laboratory's Mixed-Vaccine-Respiratory-Infections as a prophylactic against Influenza and in not one instance has there been a failure completely to protect the individuals so immunized."

This statement was made at the height of San Francisco's epidemic of Spanish Influenza, and is convincing enough to satisfy even the most conservative as to the value of Mixed Vaccine prophylaxis in this class of infections.

Theoretically, a Mixed Vaccine which protects against Influenza and (even temporarily) against Pneumonia and the other complications following Influenza, is better than one which protects only against Influenza.

Practically, this seems to have been proved by the experience of many physicians in widely separated areas, and our faith in Mixed Vaccine Respiratory Infections,—"M. V. R. I."—as a prophylactic has been more than justified by the splendid protective results following its use.

Just how permanent is this immunity has yet to be established, but if it is for no longer than 2 or 3 months it is still a remarkable stride in preventive therapy.

As a preventive of recurring "colds" which make life miserable for so many every winter, it has been found by many physicians that in most instances three prophylactic doses administered 3 or 4 days apart in the Fall or early Winter, followed by two more doses at 3 or 4 day intervals, two or three months later, are sufficient to earn' such individuals through the trying winter months in good health.

Of course resistance can be broken down by unusual stress of exposure, lack of sleep, fatigue and bad habits generally. But even in such cases there is usually a remarkable showing of increased immunity as compared with the almost entire lack of resistance in former winters.

Should there be at any time a recurrence of the old disposition to "catch cold," administration of one or two doses of the vaccine are usually sufficient to dispel it.

Ask your Druggist for "Cutter's" Mixed Vaccine Respiratory Infections.

The Cutter Laboratory
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Berkeley, California

Eastern Branch: THE CUTTER LABORATORY of Illinois 180 N. Dearborn St., Chicago

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