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Music Program, SS Eider, January 1890

Music Program, SS Eider, North German Lloyd, January 1890

Handwritten Music Program from the SS Eider of Norddeutscher Lloyd dating from January 1890. The SS Eider was commanded by Captain H. Baur.


No. 1 "En Avand" Marsch v. Scalla

No. 2 Ouversure Die Amazone v. Kresler

No. 3 Anderschönen blanen Du au Walzer v. Lenanf

No. 4 Die Heinzelmanndren Charank Sersluck v. Lilenberg

No. 5 Seleosron from Sullivans Camie Opera Mikado Moses

No. 6 Lahn all lâufen Galupp

Note: Handwriting was difficult to read, so transcription may not be completly accurate.

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