Review of The Camp Dodger and The Bayonet - 1918

The Camp Dodger, Official Publication of the 99th Division at Camp Dodge, IA.

The Camp Dodger is a large eight-page newspaper published at Camp Dodge, Iowa. It is the official publication of the Eighty-eighth Division and the first newspaper in the National Army. The reproduction will show what the front page looks like.

The Bayonet - A Camp Lee Newspaper

The Bayonet is the official newspaper of the Eightieth Division at Camp Lee, Virginia. It is one of the most interesting of soldiers' camp newspapers in this country. Its editor-in-chief is Herbert S. Richland, formerly with the Federal Advertising Agency, New York. It is very much of a newspaper—ten pages,
seven columns wide.

Camp Lee Recruits - First Day in Camp

Camp Lee Recruits - First Day in Camp

The treatment of all pages is in accordance with good publishing practices. Advertisements are arranged pyramidically. The editorial
page has its editorials and miscellany. The front page shown herewith has an illustration in the upper center with large display heads on both sides.

We marvel at the possibility of producing a soldiers' newspaper so thoroughly good. There is also a pictorial section of four pages. The front page is a reproduction of a cover of a recent issue of La Baionnette, a French namesake of the American publication. The rear page shows a view of the boys on entering camp and their appearance after being drilled and uniformed.

"Review of Publications," in The American Printer: A Semi-Monthly Business, Technical, and News Journal, New York: The Oswald Publishing Co., Vol. 66, No. 1, 5 January 1918, p. 48

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